REMINDER: Street Sweeping Resumes April 1 in Somerville; New Street Sweeping Alerts Now Available

Mayor Joseph A. Curtatone and the Somerville Traffic and Parking Department remind all residents that regular street sweeping schedules officially resume Saturday, April 1, and continue through Dec. 31, 2017. Since street sweeping takes place only on weekdays, this means the first day of sweeping this season will take place on Monday, April 3.
On designated street sweeping days, vehicles must be moved to one side of the street, as noted on signs posted on each street. The penalty for not complying with street sweeping parking regulations is a $50 fine. Community members are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the street sweeping schedule in areas where they park.
Sign Up for—and Help Us Improve—Street Sweeping Alerts

The City’s former street sweeping app is no longer maintained by its developer, so staff spent the winter collecting data for a new one. Residents and visitors may now sign up to receive automatic street sweeping reminders through the beta version of the City’s new automated system powered by ReCollect by visiting But the City does need your help to quality check the street level data.
The alert system contains street sweeping schedules for more than 36,000 separate sections of roadway. We did our best to check (and double-check) every section of street, but there are bound to be a few errors. Please help us catch as many errors as possible during the month of April by reporting any incorrect or missing information to With everyone helping out to do an extra check on our work now at the start of the season, we can put the final touches on this new resource for residents. 
IMPORTANT NOTE: Please also always make note of the days for street sweeping on your street and always rely on posted signage. The alert service is offered as a courtesy and as a backup, but not as a failsafe service. Any system error resulting in lack of notification will not serve as a basis for dismissal of a street sweeping ticket.
For more information regarding street sweeping procedures, visit, or call 311 (617-666-3311).

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  1. Thanks for the info.Street sweeping is highly demanded after some interval.Though you have mentioned all the possibilities but also i need to know what will i do if the city app does not work properly?Any helpline?Finally thanks for all these initiatives.

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