Real Life Somerville Police Stories:William NELSON (Possess Class A, Boston & Everett Warrants)

On March 26, 2016, at approximately 12:00 hours, I, Officer Rivera, while in full uniform and working as Alpha 1, was contacted by Kmart Loss Prevention Detective, XXXXX, of a suspicious person that concealed a watch inside of a duffel bag.


On arrival, I met with XXXXX inside of the loss prevention office. He stated that an associate deterred the suspect, now known to me as William Nelson, and he paid for the merchandise. He then stated that Mr. Nelson may be in possession of a cutting tool. I instructed XXXXX to continue monitoring Mr. Nelson, via the CCTV system. XXXXX used the outside camera, located on the corner of the building, to view Mr. Nelson in the Kmart parking lot. While viewing the camera system, I observed Mr. Nelson entering a dark green Honda Accord on the driver’s side of the vehicle. I observed Mr. Nelson continuously stepping in and out of the vehicle and walking to the rear compartment, where it appeared as if he was placing clothing inside of a duffel bag. I then observed Mr. Nelson entering the vehicle on the driver’s side again, where he rolled up his sleeve, to his right arm, and wrapped a white lace around the upper part of the arm, slightly above the elbow. Mr. Nelson then bent his arm at the elbow. These actions, in my training and experience, are consistent with injecting a controlled substance.


I contacted dispatch and requested another unit. Officer Chris Collette arrived as back up. I informed Officer Collette of my observations. Officer Collette then approached Mr. Nelson on the driver’s side while I visually inspected the vehicle on the passenger’s side. I immediately observed the white lace around Mr. Nelson’s right bicep. Officer Collette ordered Mr. Nelson to shut off the vehicle and ordered him out of the vehicle. Mr. Nelson was then ordered to place his hands on the vehicle to prevent any access to a syringe. Mr. Nelson then attempted to access his right pants pocket. At this point Officer Collette and I immediately placed handcuffs on Mr. Nelson in order to prevent any further actions. At this point Officer Moreira and Detective Perrone also arrived. 


Officer Collette located a syringe on the floor, in front of the driver’s seat of the vehicle. The syringe appeared to have a brown liquid substance that filled the base to approximately 38 dosage units. The tip of the syringe also appeared to have a red liquid substance. After verifying Mr. Nelson’s information, dispatch informed me that there were four active warrants. At this point, I read Mr. Nelson his Miranda rights. I asked Mr. Nelson what was located in front of the driver’s seat. Mr. Nelson stated that it was a needle. I then asked Mr. Nelson what was inside of the needle. Mr. Nelson stated that it was heroin and he is an addict. He also stated that he just wanted to get high. I then informed Mr. Nelson that he was under arrest for possession of class A and four outstanding warrants.


Mr. Nelson was transported to the station, via 200, by Officer Pavao. Mr. Nelson was then booked in the usual manner by Lieutenant Sheehan. The syringe will be logged into evidence. A picture of the evidence will be attached to this report. 


Respectfully submitted,


Officer Joseph Rivera #309

Somerville Police Department


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