Somerville High School Sets 2 Back-to-Back World Records for Charity on TV

SOMERVILLE, MA – On Monday, March 20, Somerville High School hosted a multi-purpose extravaganza: two world records attempts, a clothing drive, and an energizer for sophomores scheduled to take MCAS testing this week.

For the third consecutive year, the Class of 2017’s, “World Record Day,” has become a newly annual event, pitting challenges for students and faculty to accomplish. In 2015, 59 people set a new record for “most arm-linked people to stand up simultaneously.” And in 2016, 264 persons partook in the “most different flags flown simultaneously” record.


“This has become a tradition; celebrating our diversity with engaging opportunities for all to experience,” said Ella Sprick, Student Government President.


Yesterday, 260+ Somerville Public Schools students (K – 12) and faculty packed the high school’s library to break two back-to-back records: “most people wearing odd socks” and “most people wearing eye-black.” The current record for each is 250 persons. In addition, the students ran a clothing drive, with donations being delivered to a local charity by the end of the week.


The one-hour process was filmed by WHDH Channel 7 News Boston for an upcoming news feature on the school.


“With the many community projects that our class has done this year—post-election mannequin challenge, inspirational messages on lockers, kindness cards to all K-12 schools, and free female hygiene products dispensers in bathrooms—it felt genuine to continue giving back,” said Emily Valenzuela, a senior who ran the charity drive.


The school will receive verification of their attempts status this mid-June.


“The last several months have impacted this school and city in many ways. So, as seniors readying for graduation, for us to find ways for everyone to collaborate together does help overall,” said Sprick


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