The Rizzuto Ice Cream Family Scoops Out the 10th Kid

By Anthony John Boyd Jr. 

               The Rizzuto family is from Stoneham Ma, they have been doing the North End Italian feast in the summer for 3 years now and they are having another baby so that makes ten kids total.

                  Come to the North End in the summer and taste the most delicious ice cream for a very cheap price. 

The people that mostly help out the Rizzuto’s at the feast are Emily Rizzuto, Miriam Rizzuto, Annella Rizzuto, Evalyn Rizzuto, The Boyd family, and Gary Rizzuto.    

 There are 14 flavors of ice cream:




Green Monster

Chocolate Chip

Cookie dough

Coffee Oreo

Black Raspberry


Peanut Butter Chip (New flavor)

Moose Tracks


Blueberry Pie

Sugar Free Coffee

“We serve two scoops in a dish,” said Lisa Rizzuto.

They also sell waffle cones, hot fudge sundaes, and the most famous gourmet chocolate chip ice cream cookie.
There are 6 types of toppings that you could put on your ice cream
Chocolate Jimmies

Rainbow Sprinkles

Shredded Coconut

Peanut Brittle

Hot fudge


Whip cream

“We no longer have a store on 94 Endicott st North End Boston,” said Lisa Rizzuto.

If the feast is Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, then they set up on that Wednesday.

All of her kids come to the feast
Emily Rizzuto

Miriam Rizzuto

Annella Rizzuto

Evalyn Rizzuto

Audra Rizzuto

Eden Rizzuto

Roman Rizzuto

Vittoria Rizzuto

Stella Rizzuto

Her grandson Gabriel will becoming to his first feast this summer

The tenth kid will be due in September 

It usually takes them 2 hours to set up when she has help from everybody.

Here are the prices for there ice cream
A dish is $4.00

A waffle cone is $5.00

A ice cream cookie sandwich is $6.00

A sundae is 6.00 

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream come visit the North End this summer and enjoy some great ice cream and congratulate Gary and Lisa Rizzuto on their tenth kid plus Emily Rizzuto on her first kid. Congratulations!  

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