Somerville Woman Wins Ten Million Dollars On Scratch Ticket 

Lisa Gochakowski of Somerville is the first $10,000,000 prize winner in the Massachusetts State Lottery’s “$10,000,000 Gold” instant ticket game.

Gochakowski chose the cash option on her prize and received a one-time payment of $6,500,000 (less tax withholdings). Her initial plans for her winnings are to assist her family and buy herself a new car.

Her winning ticket was purchased on Valentine’s Day at Vinny’s Food Market, 294 Malden St. in Revere. The store will receive a $50,000 retailer bonus for its sale, the highest paid by the Mass. Lottery.

Three additional $10 million prizes and 17 $1 million prizes remain in the “$10,000,000 Gold” $20 instant game.

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