President Trump Invited to Speak in Somerville During City’s 175th Anniversary 

Photos by William Tauro 

By William Tauro

The Somerville News Weekly extended an open invitation to President Donald J Trump to come to Somerville Massachusetts during the city’s 175th birthday and speak on related issues concerning his first two months in office, the economy, his new immigration policies and the Green Line Extension Project. 
Organizers of the event selected Somerville because the Somerville News Weekly was the first and only newspaper in the nation at the time to endorse Donald J Trump for president during the first leg of his presidential election in 2016. 
The Somerville Holiday Inn was selected as one of the potential venues to host the event and has been given a block of dates in the spring to host 45th president of United States for his visit to Somerville.  
Somerville has also sparked much interest recently in their findings when the Somerville News Weekly broke a front page story revealing that Somerville was no longer a sanctuary city and hasn’t been one since 1989. 

Other than Former President Barack Obama living in Somerville at 365 Broadway in 1987 as a Harvard University student and Former President John F. Kennedy visiting Somerville as a US Congressman in the 1960’s, Former President Bill Clinton visiting Candidate Steve Grossman for Governor in around 2009 or maybe President Taft in 1910, President Trump would be the only sitting American president to ever visit Somerville in over 100 years if and when the visit takes place.  
We will keep you posted as this story progresses and dates confirmed. 

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  1. FDR Visited assembly Square plant during World War II, to thank them for the production of vehicles for the war effort

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