Somerville Theater 24hr Sci-Fi Film Marathon starts noon 2/19 

The 42nd Annual Boston Science Fiction Film Festival’s

24-Hour Sci-Fi Marathon

brings together over 700 Superfans

for the ultimate binge watch!
February 19th at noon – February 20th at noon at the Somerville Theatre

President’s Day Weekend – Thanks!
700+ Sci-Fi Fans invade the Somerville Theatre’s main cinema for a wild weekend movie event – 24 hours of science fiction film and fun featuring vintage favorites, genre defining new films and beloved classic schlock!
The party starts at Noon on Sunday, February 19th and runs though Monday, February 20th; giving attendees the chance to nosh popcorn to a full fleet of celebrated titles including:


The Creature From the Black Lagoon 

Galaxy Quest

Hitchiker’s Guide To The Galaxy

Mad Max Fury Road


The Rocketeer


and many more!

Marathon Tickets are $70 

and are available at:

the Somerville Theatre box office 

the Somerville Theatre’s website at

and at the Boston Sci-Fi Film Festival’s website at
More information at the Boston Sci-Fi Film Festival website:

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