RESPOND’s Founding Mothers recognized it in the 1970s and we know it’s still true today- domestic violence can happen to anyone

“We all have secrets… This is mine: I fell in love with and married a man who beat me regularly and nearly killed me…If only being blonde and well-educated were enough to defang life’s demons.”


A successful writer and editor for Seventeen magazine, Leslie was Harvard-educated and from a good family. She also was in a physically, mentally and emotionally abusive relationship. She stayed with her abuser for years. In fact, the bruises around her neck cleared up in time for her wedding. She kept the abuse a secret from wedding guests––close family and friends––for years. 

You can help bring these secrets to light.
Your year-end donation to RESPOND helps support survivors as they reshape their lives and helps educate and alert the community. Your donation provides shelter for survivors and their families- a life saving resource! We’re able to help them secure housing and navigate the court system- two critical issues survivors tackle after leaving their abusers. Thanks to your support, we share warning signs and resources with more than 5,000 people each year; education and prevention are key to ending domestic violence.
Domestic violence can happen to anyone. That’s why it’s important we continue to work together- RESPOND, police, care givers, donors, neighbors, teachers, volunteers, YOU. Our alliance is a critical weapon to combat domestic violence. Together we can bring abuse to light and end domestic violence.
Please make a donation to RESPOND today. Help put an end to the dark secret so many of our family and friends risk their lives to keep.

With deep gratitude, 


Jessica Brayden

Executive Director

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