Letter to the Editor:Home Going Services for Jahmai

Jahmai Jahron Furtado-Cooper (aka “Mai”) is such a beautiful spirit. He brings joy to a multitude of people and his presence is well-known to family, friends and especially in his community of Somerville, MA where he has been dubbed “Mayor of Somerville” by various school officials. On Saturday, October 22, 2016, 3 days before his 10th birthday, Jahmai awoke with breathing problems. He had previously been diagnosed with asthma but it was controlled with prescription meds including the administration of Albuterol via a Nebulizer. Asthma has sent him to the ER a few times in his lifetime but never has he suffered anything remotely close to what took place on this day. After realizing the Nebulizer treatment was ineffective, his mother called his father to escort them to the ER. Dad arrived and attempted the Nebulizer treatment one last time because as with many children, Mai was afraid of going to the hospital. Dad then realized that he needed to move quickly because he began to sense this was bigger than anything they could do at home. As soon as that thought crossed his mind, Mai collapsed and stopped breathing. Dad performed CPR while mom dialed 911. Dad continued CPR until the Paramedics arrived and took over. 
The Paramedics worked fervently on Mai until they got a pulse and were able to transport him to the hospital. Shortly after arrival to the ER, we learned that Mai’s lungs were so constricted from asthma that he suffered multiple cardiac arrests and a stroke. The doctors did everything they could to bring Mai back to us. But the harsh reality is that his brain had suffered a lack of oxygen for far too long. Mai’s spirit had departed us on October 22, 2016. But God kept his outer shell thriving long enough for closure via diagnostic testing. On October 27, 2016, we learned the devastating news that Mai was completely brain dead with no chance of recovery. His parents are having their final moments with him today. Then Mai will be taken off of life support. He will be completely released to God. 
No one wants to think of losing a child. Ever. And thus, the thought does not always cross one’s mind to insure a child’s life. Because Mai’s parents have very limited funds to do so, I have established this GoFundMe account to assist them with funeral arrangements. We would like to send him “home” with abundant pomp and circumstance. Using the same energetic zeal for all things life in which we will remember him most for.   
I thank you for any support you can give. 

Jacquie Furtado (maternal aunt)
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