Somerville Theatre Boston TerrorThon starts 10/13: 4 Days of Frightening Films!

Halloween is coming – get ready with Boston Terror ‘Thon! 
Terror ‘Thon is a curated 4-day event featuring horror films from around the world including film festival winners, US premieres, local film shorts, live performances and a handful of classic genre films, all shown in 35mm or 70mm. 
Highlights include:

“The Rocky Horror Picture Show” in 35mm with live Shadowcast by the Teseracte Players

“The Unknown” – Silent film starring Lon Chaney with live musical accompaniment by Jeff Rapsis

“Izzy’s Terror-ific Shorts” – 75 minutes of scary short films selected by local filmmaker Izzy Lee featuring a Q&A with attending filmmakers

A 35mm Vincent Price double feature: “The Fall of the House of Usher”

and “Tales of Terror”

Don’t miss this rare chance to catch vital new visions of terror as well as visit with some beloved, and blood curdling old friends (or do we mean,… fiends?).
Full schedule below!
* * * 
5:00pm – BAD BLOOD: THE MOVIE: “Evokes…The Corpse Grinders” – K. Newman (US, 2016) Premiere! d: Tim Reis 
7:00pm – THE MASTER CLEANSE: Will we kill our demons before they kill us? Cross Cronenberg horror & old-school Amblin. Kyle Gallner, Johnny Galecki, Anna Friel, Anjelica Huston, d: Bobby Miller 
9:30pm – FOUND FOOTAGE 3D: “Essential viewing” – AICN “Absolute riot.”- Bloody Disgusting “A fun ride.” – Film School Rejects Evil lurks behind-the-scenes.. d: Steven DeGennaro 
4:15pm – THE WAILING 100% on Rotten Tomatoes. Winner: Fantasia Film Fest, “Feels less like a linear scary story than that it does a ritualistic invocation of the antichrist.” -IndieWire D: Hong-jin 
7:15pm – EGOMANIAC US Premiere! Indie horror film about an indie filmmaker making an indie zombie romcomno matter who she has to convicne, sleep with, kill or evicserate. d: Kate Shenton
9:00pm – ATTACK OF THE LEDERHOSEN ZOMBIES US Premiere. “Too damn awesome to pass up” Dread Central In the vien of DEAD SNOW. Snowboarders attend all all-nighter kegger, with zombies. Winner Fantaspora Best Film 
1:00pm – GHOSTBUSTERS (1984) – 70MM PRINT! I mean, really, who ARE you going to call? 
3:30pm – THE EYES OF MY MOTHER “As a cinematic experience, this is truly impressive, and it will stay with you.” SciFi Now “Impressive, highly original horror fable is the stuff of very beautiful nightmares.” Variety Multiple winner: Fantastic Cinema Fest (Film, Director, Screenplay, Editing, Cinematography) d:Nicolas Pescem

Come one, come all, but come to witness 75 minutes of awesome short films! Hear! The screams of the hilariously dismembered! See! A werewolf hunt its prey in Maine! Tremble! At ghosts flitting in the shadows! Fear! John Carpenter makes a cameo as a disgruntled cab driver! And so much more! This fun shorts program put together by local filmmaker Izzy Lee will delight and thrill you. Additionally, we will host a q&a after the film with attending local filmmakers! 
The Home – L. Gustavo Cooper – 7 min- USA 

Death Metal – Chris McInroy – 5 min – USA 

Cleaning House – Andrea Mark Wolanin – 5 min – USA (attending local filmmaker) 

White Drift – Corey Norman – 21 min – USA (attending local filmmaker) 

The Puppet Man – Jacqueline Castel – 9 min – USA

Nasty – Prano Bailey-Bond – 15 min – UK 

Night of the Slasher – Shant Hamassian – 12 min – USA 
7:30pm – BLOOD HUNTERS “This is subversive” – HorrorCult US Premiere: A woman awakens, pregnant and trapped in a secret medical facility where bloodthirsty undead are licking their chops,… and she’s the chop! d: Tricia Lee 
9:45pm – CLOWNTOWN “A fun, nasty…little horror romp” Starburst In a time of ‘evil clown’ siting comes a tale of a gang of violent psychopathic clowns. d: Tim Reis  
Vincent Price $10 DOUBLE FEATURE  
2:00pm – HOUSE OF USHER (1960) – 35MM PRINT 

A young man tries to rescue the woman he loves from her demonic brother directed by Roger Corman and written by Richard Matheson starring Vincent Price. 
3:40pm – TALES OF TERROR (1962) – 35MM PRINT  

Three Edgar Allen Poe stories feature murder, hauntings and a fiendish hypnotist directed by Roger Corman and written by Richard Matheson starring Vincent Price, Peter Lorre and Basil Rathbone. 8:00pm 
8:00pm THE UNKNOWN (1927) – 35MM PRINT w/ LIVE MUSIC BY JEFF RAPSIS! Silent masterpiece starrring Lon Chaney and Joan Crawford, 

TICKETS $15 unless otherwise posted

Full Festival pass for $125 available at box office only!

More info and buy links at our website:


Get ready for Halloween October 13-17 with “Boston Terror ‘Thon” 4 days of curated horror films from around the globe. Film festival winners, US premieres, local film shorts, live performances and a handful of classic genre films, all shown in 35mm or 70mm will fill filmgoers with fear! 
For tickets and complete schedule:

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