Somerville Community Request: Help Your Neighborhood Trees during Drought

 Current severe drought conditions have left many of our street trees in dire need of water. While our Department of Publics Works crews are working diligently to care for the needs of our parks, open spaces, and trees, we need the community’s help to provide water to our street trees during these extreme conditions. We ask residents, where possible, to consider assisting us in these efforts by watering any trees in your area, particularly those that look dry. The best way to water trees is via a slow trickle over a longer period of time rather than a full stream of water over a short period. Sprinklers, or several-gallon buckets with a small hole in the bottom are just a few suggested ways to water these trees. Trees should ideally be watered two or three times per week rather than every day.


Thank you for your assistance. Please stay cool, and stay safe!


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