Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Henry ALVAREZ (Shoplifting, Resisting, A&B) & Hamza WARSAME (Shoplifting, Resisting) Saks Fifth Avenue Assembly Row

On Monday, June 06, 2016, at 6:30 P.M., I received a telephone call from Saks Loss Prevention Agent, XXXXX, stating he observed four males enter the store from the Canal Street door; one male selected a pair of sweatpants, put them on and exited the store without making any attempt to pay for the merchandise. XXXXX described the shoplifter as a Hispanic male, with long hair, wearing gray sweatpants.


A second male selected a T-shirt and a pair of pants, concealed them in his pants then exited the store along with two other males. This individual was described as a black male, wearing a hat, a black T-shirt, and shorts. XXXXX saw the group of men walk East on Canal Street, turn left on Assembly Row, and enter the Adidas store.


I responded to Adidas along with Officer Goulart, and located four males exiting the store. I asked all four men to stop, and they immediately took off running. After a short foot pursuit, using a leg sweep, I was able to stop a male, later identified as Hamza Warsame, and place him in handcuffs. Mr. Warsame had a pair of pants and a T-shirt with Saks price tags, and a hat from Adidas with the price tag attached.


A male later identified as Henry Alvarez, pushed XXXXX and punched him in the face before he was apprehended by Officer Goulart. When Officer Goulart informed Mr. Alvarez that he was under arrest, Alvarez refused to put his hands behind his back and kept pulling away from Officer Goulart.


We assisted Mr. Alvarez to the ground and placed him in handcuffs. As we were placing Mr. Alvarez in handcuffs, Mr. Warsame slipped his cuffed hands under his feet, stood up from the seated position he was placed in, and started running. I took control of Mr. Warsame and ordered him to sit down, yet he refused to comply. At this time both Alvarez and Warsame stood up, continued to pull away, and attempted to run away. I gave both men several verbal commands, asking them to sit and stop pulling away from the officers, and both refuse to comply. I drew my department issued OC spray, and delivered a one second burst to the forehead area of Alvarez and Warsame.


At this time Officer Goncalves arrived on scene and detained a third male who ran to the construction site near Assembly Row and Canal Street. The fourth male was also stopped and identified. Both men were released.


I was also informed by Adidas store manager, YYYYY, that Warsame and Alvarez asked a store employee for an empty shopping bag, and that employee refused to give it to them. YYYYY told to me that Mr. Wasame selected a hat and exited the store without paying. YYYYY also witnessed Mr. Alvarez assault XXXXX outside of the store.


Officers St. Hilaire and Berrouet arrived on scene and took control of Mr. Warsame, who was still being combative. Warsame and Alvarez were transported to the Somerville Police Headquarters via unit 200, operated by Officer Reece. Mr. Alvarez was booked by Lieutenant Rymill and placed in a cell. Mr. Warsame refused to comply with the booking process.


Mr. Alvarez was charged with shoplifting by asportation, resisting arrest, and assault and battery. Mr. Warsame was charged with shoplifting by concealing (3rd Offense), resisting arrest, and shoplifting by asportation.


After booking, I recovered the pair of pants Mr. Alvarez was wearing, with the Saks price tag still attached. Officer Teves recovered a pair of sunglasses from Mr. Warsame’s pocket. These sunglasses also had a Saks price tag and a security sensor attached to them.


Merchandise recovered from Mr. Warsame (total value $136.97) and Mr. Alvarez (total value $59.99) will be returned to the stores.


Respectfully submitted, 




Officer Samir Messaoudi #312

Somerville Police Dept.


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