Letter to the Editor:Dilboy Field Somerville, Lack of Bathroom Facilities

This past Saturday, May 1, I attended an AAU baseball game at Dilboy Field. These were teams were made up of players ages of eleven and twelve. At the close of the second inning, the pitcher came running off the mound, and needing to go to the bathroom, asked where it was, at least a porta potty. He was told there was none. With panicked in his eye, he ran off into the closest wooded area where he was able to relieve himself. Really? An eleven year old panicked because he needed to relieve himself? 
Here were three teams, one from Medford, one from Lexington and one from Somerville with siblings, most of them younger than the players, along parents, aunts, uncles and grandparents, all with nowhere to go if they needed a bathroom. 
And these teams were not playing just one game, they were playing two games. Total that up in time and you have four hours for all those players and followers. Four hours without a way to go to the bathroom if needed? 
With one week already into the Somerville Little League season, why are there no facilities for the players, relatives and such coming to see them play?

By now, with the season three weeks old for these AAU teams, each team has played games in various towns, and in every single town, other than Somerville, there have been bathroom facilities available when needed.
What makes Somerville so special that they can have people at a sporting event for four hours, and no place to go to the bathroom? How is it Somerville stands out in this way? 
Maybe there is a place to go to the bathroom at the football facility close by. But for a player to get to that he would have to walk across the Little League field, walk across the big league field, past the tennis courts and the pool before finally getting to the building, assuming it was even open, if there is one at all. Obviously, there would not be enough time for a player to be able to get to the bathroom, use it, and then to be able to get back to the field and still be able to maintain his position in the game.
It was an impossible situation. I saw one set of grandparents leave and not return.


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