Real Life Somerville Police Stories: David GHIOZZI (Shoplifting, A&B, Disturbing the Peace)Big KMART 


The following is a summary of the details related to this incident. 


     On April 3, 2016 at approximately 18:01 hours, while assigned as marked unit Alpha-1, I was dispatched to K-Mart for a report of a shoplifter fighting loss prevention associates in the parking lot. I arrived on scene with Sierra-8 SGT Fusco. As soon as I pulled in front of K-Mart I was informed by two civilians that they had just witnessed a fight and that a white male without a shirt just fled in the direction of Saks Off Fifth Avenue with another male chasing him. Sierra-8 and I proceeded into this direction when I was flagged down by the operator of a motor vehicle in the area of Canal Street and Grand Union Blvd who informed me that a white male with no shirt being chased by someone just ran in front of his car causing him to have to slam on his brakes. This civilian informed me that they appeared to be headed toward the Foley Street train station. Upon arriving at the train station I checked the platform and no one matching the description was found. At this point Officer Collette arrived to assist. We then observed K-Mart loss prevention associate XXXXX in the area of the Suffolk Construction site. XXXXX informed us that he had chased a shoplifter, later identified as David Ghiozzi, into the construction site. 


     After briefly checking the area and announcing our presence as Somerville Police Officers, I walked over to an area within the construction site where numerous large concrete blocks and large pieces of insulation were placed. The concrete blocks were placed in such a way that they formed a sort of circle with an area in the middle that could not be viewed from my perspective. I jumped onto one of the blocks and was able to see Ghiozzi’s

legs protruding from underneath a piece of insulation and a large tarp. Ghiozzi was ordered to his feet and ordered to place his hands on one of the concrete blocks to which he complied. Ghiozzi was searched and his hands were then handcuffed in the front, without incident, so he could lift his body weight over the block to exit the construction site. Once he lifted himself over the concrete block, with my assistance, he was then re-cuffed with his hands behind his back and escorted out of the Suffolk construction site. Unit #200 operated by Officer Christopher Fusco was contacted and arrived to transport Ghiozzi back to Somerville Police headquarters. Ghiozzi was booked by Lt. DiGregorio.  


     During a brief follow-up at K-Mart, I was informed by XXXXX and fellow loss prevention associates YYYYY and ZZZZZ that Ghiozzi was observed concealing 3 cell phones, a keyboard, and a USB port on his person inside the store. The total value of this merchandise is $248.59 and for this Ghiozzi is charged with violation of M.G.L. ch. 266 §30A Shoplifting by concealing merchandise. Once XXXXX, YYYYY, and ZZZZZ observed Ghiozzi conceal this merchandise, they stopped him inside the front of the store in the area of the main entrance and cash registers. The merchandise was recovered and Ghiozzi began to walk with XXXXX, YYYYY, and ZZZZZ to the loss prevention office. After taking several steps, however, Ghiozzi turned around and began to run for the exit. XXXXX grabbed Ghiozzi’s shirt ripping it off his person and Ghiozzi continued to run for the exit knocking ZZZZZ to the ground in the process. For knocking loss prevention associate ZZZZZ to the ground, Ghiozzi is charged with violation of M.G.L. ch. 265 §13A Assault and battery. Once outside XXXXX grabbed Ghiozzi again and they were able to hold Ghiozzi for several seconds. It should be noted that during this time numerous shoppers, including children, and motorists stopped to see this commotion. XXXXX states that Ghiozzi was being very loud and belligerent during this time and he states that everyone in the area was stopped and watching the incident. For this, Ghiozzi is charged with violation of M.G.L. ch. 272 §53 Distrubing the Peace.



Respectfully submitted,


Officer Anderson #315


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  1. This is website is retarded…what the police say happen and the truth are two complete different things.

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