Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Terrance MORRISON (Receiving Stolen MV, Resisting Arrest, Disorderly & Somerville, Everett, Saugus, Watertown, Cambridge, Medford & Boston Warrants)


On February 03, 2016 at approximately 0754, I Officer Randy Isaacs and Officer Mark Nevin was dispatched to the area of 14 Bolton St, for a report of a stolen motor vehicle with someone inside the vehicle that the Somerville Police had dealt with in the past. I, along with Officer Alan Monaco, proceeded to Bolton St. Upon arrival on Bolton St, we noticed the reported stolen motor vehicle parked across from 14 Bolton St. Upon arriving at the vehicle, Officer Monaco pulled the cruiser next to the possible stolen motor vehicle. At which time I observed Mr. Terrance Morrison, known to me from a previous incident on the same street, sitting in the driver’s seat of the vehicle. Mr. Morrison is also known to me by being involved in fighting with the police less than a year ago, while in a stolen motor vehicle, as well as, from his RMV record and picture.


        After realizing that the police had pulled up beside the vehicle, Mr. Morrison opened the driver’s side front door and took off running down Bolton St towards Oak St. At that time Officer Monaco stopped the cruiser and I jumped out and started chasing Mr. Morrison. While chasing Mr. Morrison I shouted, Somerville Police stop, don’t move, while Mr. Morrison continued to run towards Oak St. Mr. Morrison continued running from Bolton St to Oak St, and then onto Prospect St, through traffic, during rush hour. While Mr. Morrison was running down Prospect St he was being chased by me, Officer Christopher Collette on foot, along with Officer Monaco in a cruiser.


Mr. Morrison then ran into the driveway of 118 Prospect St and started jumping from yard to yard, attempting to get away. While attempting to get away Mr. Morrison pushed an elderly male in the back yard of 114 Prospect St, while he was getting into his car, (victim left prior to me acquiring his information). After pushing the elderly male, Mr. Morrison went into the back yard or 112 Prospect St where Officer Christopher Collette and I lost him. With Mr. Morrison being so close to Cambridge/Somerville line, Cambridge police department was also notified to help with the search for Mr. Morrison.


        While trying to locate Mr. Morrison a perimeter was established with both Somerville and Cambridge police officers. While the perimeter was in place, dispatch was asked to contact another agency to see if there was a K-9 available. The Massachusetts State Police was notified, and two State Police K-9 Officers responded to help with the search of Mr. Morrison. While on scene a Massachusetts State Police helicopter also arrived to help with the search of Mr. Morrison. After searching the backyards between Prospect St and Tremont St, (all in the area where Mr. Morrison was last seen), the K-9 was unable to locate Mr. Morrison.


        However, at approximately 1230 HRS, the Somerville police was notified by the Massachusetts State Police, informing us that they had located Mr. Morrison and that he was at the Winchester Hospital. Upon arrival at the hospital I spoke with Sergeant James Vines of the Massachusetts State Police, who informed me that K-9 as well as other Troopers were dispatched to Mr. Morrison’s girlfriend’s house in Stoneham. While at the house in Stoneham, Troopers were notified that Mr. Morrison had injured his hand. Troopers were dispatched to the hospitals around the area and Mr. Morrison was located at Winchester Hospital, under a different name.


        While at the hospital Mr. Morrison had made statements to the Troopers that were watching him about fighting with Somerville cops and punching them in the past. Mr. Morrison stated to the Troopers as well as to me that he had hurt his hand on a brick wall while running away. Mr. Morrison then stated that we are lucky that he checked himself into the hospital or else we would have not caught him and that he was going to drive to Connecticut to check himself into a hospital. Mr. Morrison also stated that while the search was going on, and the helicopter was looking for him, he was in the basement of a building, with the basement door secured from inside. Mr. Morrison stated that while inside he could see the police and after all the police left he had tobootthe door open in order to get out.


        Mr. Morrison further stated that he is good at what he does, and he can’t believe that he stole such a cheap car like a Toyota, and to be caught in a Toyota. Mr. Morrison then stated that he never steals cars like Toyota and that all he usually takes is luxury cars. While making those statements, Mr. Morrison asked me, did you see that nice Audi Q7 that he had left the other day, to which I replied, thanks. While speaking with Mr. Morrison, I informed him that he was going to be getting booked by the Somerville Police for the warrants that he had, as well as being charged with Receiving Stolen Motor Vehicle, Resisting Arrest, and Disorderly Conduct. To which Mr. Morrison replied, So how many years you think I’m going to get 4. I then told Mr. Morrison that I could not say and it’s not up to me to make those decisions, to which Mr. Morrison replied, of course, you’re not a judge and I can’t wait to go back to see my boys.


        Due to the fact that Mr. Morrison is injured he will be staying at the Winchester hospital under arrest, until released by a doctor. The vehicle that Mr. Morrison was in was towed back to the police station for safe keeping. Also because Mr. Morrison was observed both me and Officer Monaco, no finger prints were taken, however, there were pictures taken for documentation by Detective Faria. While doing damage and inventory or the vehicle after it was towed, two bottles of medication was taken for safe keeping and placed in an evidence locker until I could speak with the owner of the motor vehicle. Also, three sets of keys, one for a Honda Accord, another for a Volvo, and lastly for an Audi. All three keys will stay with the vehicle until the owner shows up to recover the vehicle. At which future charges might be brought against Mr. Morrison.


Respectfully Submitted


Officer Randy Isaacs


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