Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Sean GNERRE & Robert PRATT (B&E)

While in full police uniform and assigned to a marked cruiser, I was dispatched to the above address for a possible breaking and entering during the nighttime in a construction site by two white males.

Somerville police dispatcher told me on the radio that a concerned neighbor called the station and reported that he witnessed two males entered a construction site. He observed them walked around inside the vacant building using some sort of flashlights. Within a short amount of time, the caller saw both subjects exiting 265 Summer Street with what he believed from a distance were pieces of pipes. The caller witnessed both males carried out several pieces of pipes of short lengths, crossed Summer Street and dropped the pipes on a private yard about fifty feet away from their target place.  

As I approached 265 Summer Street, I noticed a young adult male waving at me. I went towards him. While I was still inside the cruiser, he told me that the two males in question went down Summer Street towards Cedar Street. He pointed his hand and told me that they were at the corner a block away. He described that they were both young adults, white males and one was wearing a plaid flannel shirt.

I drove down one block to the intersection and I saw the only two males on the street walking on the sidewalk. I lowered my window and told them that I wanted to talk to them.

I got out of the cruiser and approached them on foot. I asked them where they were coming from? They both told me from their job site up the street, that big brown building. I asked them, where you guys working that late in the evening? The guy with the plaid flannel shirt responded, no. He told me that he forgot his jacket inside the building, so he went to retrieve it.

I asked them for their identifications. One of the handed me a mass identification. The other told me that he did not have an identification on him. He gave me his name, his date of birth and his social security number. I asked them if they could provide me with the owner of the building’s name and phone number. I believed Mr. Sean Gnerre retrieved the number from his cell phone and showed it to me. I copied the name and the phone number.   

They noticed that I was about to call the number, Mr. Gnerre then told me that they used to work construction for the owner of the building until they got fired this early morning, Wednesday February 03 of year 2016, which is the morning of the incident date. 

I asked them what else they took away from the building. Mr. Gnerre admitted stealing a few pieces of old copper pipes from the building. I asked them to tell me where they stashed the pipes. Mr. Gnerre responded across the street, in the yard of the house in the corner. I asked him if his partner, Mr. Robert Pratt helped him carrying the pipes. He responded that they were together. 

I went by looking for the pipes and recovered about sixteen to eighteen feet of 1/2 inch used old copper pipes and about two and one half feet of 3/4 inch used old copper pipe.  

They were placed under arrest for breaking and entering a building during the night time to commit a felony.

They were both transported to the station for booking via the wagon.



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