Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Nazareth PERKINS (Conspiracy, Larceny, Poss. Class B) Shoplifting at Saks Fifth Ave at Assembly Row

On Thursday, January 21, 2016 at 6:25 P.M., I received a call on my department issued phone from Saks’ Loss Prevention agent, XXXXX who stated he had just observed a two black males enter the store, select several pairs of True Religion jeans and place them in two trash bags.


I responded to Saks and as I approached the Grand Union Blvd. entrance, I observed two black males walking on the side walk carrying two black trash bags that appeared to be full. I ordered both men to drop the bags and get on the ground. The two men put the bags down and took off running. I requested back up and pursued them as they ran towards the parking lot on Canal Street.


I was able to stop a male, later identified as Nazareth Perkins near the intersection of Grand Union Blvd. and Revolution Drive. I placed Mr. Perkins in handcuffs and requested the prisoner transport.

Officers responded to the scene and searched the area for the unidentified male but were unable to locate him.


I returned to Saks and reviewed the surveillance video. I observed the Defendant and the unidentified male enter the store; they walked to the female clothing section and selected several pairs of jeans from the display table then placed them in two black trash bags and exited the store without making any attempt to purchase the merchandise.


I obtained photographs and receipts of the merchandise (30 pairs of jeans, total value $2929.70). All items were recovered and returned to the store.


During the booking process, Officer Ducasse recovered three white pills from the defendants’ right jacket pocket. Two Pills had the following marking: “M” on one side and “0552” on the other side, the third pill was marked “OP” on one side and “10” on the opposite side. According to Officer Ducasse , the defendant, stated to him “It’s OxyContin” as he removed the pills from his pocket. Officer Ducasse asked the defendant if he has a prescription and he stated “No”.


The defendant was charged with Larceny over $250, Conspiracy, and Drug possession class B.


Respectfully submitted, 


Officer Samir Messaoudi


Somerville Police Dept.



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