The Somerville News Weekly’s Special Person of The Week


By Frank Santangelo 

Meet Ed Ballou, the Seafood Manager/Guru at the Super Stop and Shop in Somerville. 
Ed is a long time Somerville resident. He is always happy to help you out with your fresh catch of the day as well as his well known local recipes. 
His vast knowledge of oceanic delicacies and eagerness to help goes above and beyond the call of duty.
It’s nice to see in this day and age when you walk into someplace like your local Stop & Shop, you can get that hometown feeling of a hometown resident, giving you a hometown recipe. 
That’s only one of the reasons what makes Somerville one of the greatest places on earth!

We here at the Somerville News Weekly salute you for everything that you do to make Somerville a better place. 

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