Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Crystal BIELAKOWSKI (Shoplifting, False Name)

On Monday December 14, 2015, I, Officer Bork, was in full uniform and assigned to marked cruiser unit 875 patrolling area West 5 for the Somerville Police Department. Riding along with me was Officer Michael McCarey. At approximately 6:53 p.m. we responded to 299 Broadway (Rite Aid), along with Ofc. Moreira (E4) and Ofc. Collette (E1), for a report of a female and a male shoplifting. Upon entering the store, we made contact with the store manager XXXXX. XXXXX stated that she saw a female, later identified as Crystal Bielakowski, and a male, later identified as YYYYY, taking merchandise from the shelves and putting it down Bielakowski pants and into a bag that they were holding. We made contact with Bielakowski and YYYYY, and upon searching Bielakowski I discovered multiple unpaid items from the store in her jacket pockets, and additional unpaid items in her black bag totaling $129.93. YYYYY had in his possession a black vest that had the tags remove, but the security tags still affix to it. In the pocket of this vest was a package of cigarettes that YYYYY claimed to be his. The value of this item was $16.99. When we asked Bielakowski for her identification, she furnished the name Tara Felts. The female was arrested for Shoplifting and transported to the station via Unit #200. The manager of the store, XXXXX, provided me with a detail itemized report of the items that had been discovered on Bielakowski and YYYYY.


Bielakowski gave the name Tara Felts again at the booking window, where she was booked by Lt. Rymill, and printed by Ofc. Cabral Jr.. A short while later, when the prints came back from Massachusetts State Police state verification, they came back to a Crystal Bielakowski. At this time, she was removed from her holding cell and rebooked and reprinted under her true name Crystal Bielakowski. Bielakowski will also be charged with Furnishing a False Name during the booking process.


YYYYY will be summonsed into court for Shoplifting under $100.



Respectfully submitted,



Officer Christine Bork #327



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