Somerville Council on Aging’s LGBTQ Advisory Board News

By Maureen Bastardi 


The Somerville Council on Aging is thrilled to announce the newest member to our LGBTQ Advisory Board, Lt. Michael Mulcahy of the Somerville Police Force. Lt. Mulcahy, the first openly gay police officer in the department’s history, bringing with him 29 years of experience and a genuine willingness to help.  

Michael is highly decorated, seasoned law enforcement professional with a Master of Science in Criminal Justice who has graciously agreed to volunteer his time to be part of the Advisory Committee. “We are always looking for new people to serve on the Advisory Board, especially representation from the Gay community. The women definitely outnumber the men.,” said Maureen Bastardi, Outreach Worker and Liaison to the LGBTQ Advisory Board.

Lt. Mulcahy is also a founding member of the domestic violence high-risk assessment team for Middlesex County. In addition to his years of experience, Lt. Mulcahy brings with him a wide network of community contacts, valuable field experience and of course his personal experience.

“I am thrilled to be working with Lt. Mulcahy! Under Maureen’s guidance, we continue to grow the LBGTQ Advisory Committee and are putting together a spectacular program for 2016,” says Advisory Committee member Courtney O’Keefe. O’Keefe joined the group in 2015 and was the first openly gay member of the Board of Aldermen in 2013.

The Somerville Council on Aging’s LGBTQ Advisory Board was formed in 2012 and acts as a channel to increase communication, information, educate, trust and understanding between the Somerville Council on Aging and the LGBTQ elder community.



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