Boston News Group/Somerville News Weekly/Viasworld TV’s Recap of the 2015 Boston Fashion Awards 


By: VIA and RMA

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Sunday, November 21, Boston News Group/Somerville News Weekly/Viasworld TV attended the 2015 Boston Fashion Awards at Stage Night Club in Boston. Guests were able to show up at 7 pm, two hours prior to the show, to enjoy cocktails and live entertainment by local singer Natalie Joly. Models walked around in gorgeous designs and welcomed guests to take pictures with them. Fashion designers also made themselves available for interviews and pictures. It was a tasteful way to start off the night. 
As soon as the show began, guests were glued. Even though Boston fails to be reputable in the fashion world, the nominated fashion designers displayed stunning outfits on the runway. There were mostly dresses, but suits modeled by men were presented as well. The models also did a great job in showing off the beautiful designs. Everything was fantastic as far as fashion goes, especially fashion designer Isabel Lopez’s designs, which ended the show on a high note. 
The venue did the best it could with the seating arrangements for the show. Although there were many people trying to take pictures and video of the runway models, Stage Night Club handled the situation. It did a great job in occupying all of its rooms so that there was a steady flow of people. Every room had something to offer. Whether it was a bar with seating or a place for everyone to gather and take pictures, the guests were always entertained. 
The 2015 Boston Fashion Awards was filled with awe and enjoyment. A big applause goes out to everyone involved in putting on the event. Viasworld hopes that next year the venue and fashion show will be a little more sexy and chic. Regardless, the anticipation for next year’s award show is high and it will be exciting to look forward to the new fashions coming our way. 

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