Fishin with a Mission by Joe DiGirolamo


Photo: Mayor McGlynn with Eli Delaney, Mark Burgess and Jerry Ramasci


This year’s Fishin with a Mission Autism Awareness Event was a huge success! The weather was perfect and everyone came out to be part of it, The day began with 2 great fishing tournaments! The Saltwater Fishing Tournament kicked off the day with saltwater anglers from Mystic Wellington Yacht Club, Winter Hill Yacht Club and Riverside Yacht Club landing some hefty stripe bass and bluefish. Mystic Wellington was able to bring the trophy back to its club with fishing vessel ” Maggie May” and Captain Jack Jandreau and Bob Crowthers winning 1st and second place with stripe bass fish weighing in at 34lbs and 33llbs. The Freshwater fishing tournament was even more incredible with more than 35 teams of bass fishing anglers from all over New England fishing the Mystic and Charles Rivers landing large and small mouth bass with the winning boat taking 1st place with a fish total weight of 14.44lbs. Great weights for these waters!

But the highlight of the day was the Autism Awareness Event that was hosted by Mystic Wellington Yacht Club, the Mass Bass Fishing Federation and the My Little Buddy’s Boat organization. The event included fun activities such as fishing, boat rides, waterslide, bounces, dunk tanks and games for children and their families affected by Autism. Many students from the Boston Higashi School , the New England Center for Children and the Nashoba Learning Group were invited to attend and all the children had a great time enjoying some summer activities that unfortunately have never had a chance to experience until now! Some great artwork and hand-made jewelry creations were featured by some folks afflicted by autism that amazed everyone that viewed them.

The day also included a barbecue for everyone and Chef Joe Carli from Posto Restaurant of Davis Sq in Somerville was on hand with the Posto wood-fired pizza food truck offering delicious pizza creations!
As I stated previously it was a great day and thousands of dollars were also raised to help create Autism Awareness and help aid these schools. If anyone would like to donate and help this great cause please check out the website to learn more.
Thank you

Joe DiGirolamo

Commodore Mystic Wellington Yacht Club

Photo: Medford Mayoral Stephanie Muccini Burke, her husband Brian and Jerry Ramasci




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