On July 21, 2015 at approximately 1537 I had just finished writing a citation to a cyclist I stopped at Walnut Street and Giles Park for a red light violation. The violation occurred at Somerville Ave and Bow Street. As I re-entered my vehicle following the issuance of the Citation I observed a Bicycle coming down Walnut Street, a One way and public way within the City of Somerville, against the one way. Vehicles were parked on both sides of the street facing in the same direction (N) and signs were clearly posted throughout the street. The width of the street is such that would only allow one vehicle at a time to travel upon the way.

        I exited my cruiser and stepped into the roadway signaling the bicycle to a stop, however, the operator of the bicycle was shouting for me to get out of the way. The bicycle moved twice and I moved with it until the operator came to a stop directly in front of me. Immediately the operator, later identified as Osvaldo Lima the defendant in this matter, started yelling and shouting. I requested some form of ID Card or a license. The defendant stated, Why ? What the f*** did I do YO !! I started to explain and the defendant started shouting again so I made a second request for his info. I started to document his name and he then stated his name was Junior Lima. I started to query his name and he started shouting while I was transmitting so I stopped and told him to keep the noise down and he asked why the f*** I was yelling at him. By this time there were people in the park and the sidewalk who had their attention clearly drawn to his boisterous demeanor. I asked him to repeat his name and date of birth and the defendant started running down Walnut Street onto Sanborn Ave. Having just returned from a serious injury I did not initially pursue. I was placing the defendant’s bicycle into my vehicle when Deputy Chief Carrabino turned onto Walnut Street from Bow Street operating a department bicycle. I pointed the defendant out and Deputy Carrabino had him stopped half way down Sanborn Ave. I was informed that the defendant’s possible true identity should be Osvaldo Lima. As I approached I determined that the defendant had made every attempt to conceal his identity and flee without identifying himself so I went to place him into custody while Deputy Carrabino continually tried to persuade him to be calm, relax, and just go along with the process, however, the defendant persisted with his barrage of insults. The defendant pushed away from me and started to climb over an iron rod railing at the front of a residence. I grabbed hold of his tee shirt to keep him from fleeing again and Deputy Carrabino went around to the other side to keep the defendant from falling and getting injured. All attempts to get any compliance were futile so I shouted to “gas him”, unfortunately the Deputy was supporting part of the defendants weight and could not access his pepper spray so I reached for mine. As soon as I took one hand off the defendant he went crashing down on top of Deputy Carrabino, pushed him, and got up to flee. Deputy Carrabino got up quickly and leapt toward the defendant to tackle him but the defendant broke free. I had come around and stepped over the Deputy and lunged at the defendant but went crashing to the pavement as the defendant broke into a full sprint. Deputy Carrabino was up quickly giving pursuit and calling information over the radio. The defendant fled across Bow Street into back yards and disappeared for a short period of time. While writing this report I was contacted by Detective Slattery who was in touch with the defendant’s youth coordinator attempting to have him turn himself in at the Police Station.

        The bicycle was abandoned at the scene and taken to the Somerville Police Station and tagged. At approximately 1800 the defendant came to the Police Station and was placed into custody at my request. The defendant was booked by Lt. Mulcahy in the usual manner. Citation # R6658035 was issued to the defendant after booking.


                       Respectfully Submitted,

                                    Ofc Robert W Hickey  



  1. Stopping kids riding bikes down hills, what’s next pushing a baby carriage the wrong way

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