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Even though Somerville appears to be one of the greatest cities on the face of the earth to live in, to work in and to play in, but there still seems to be a concerning problem up at city hall.

Is the mayor being misinformed on many issues or is he just making some of these crucial delusional decisions on his own?

We are receiving a huge number of complaints from many of our readers concerning anywhere from fire stations being positioned in wrong areas to issues like eliminating parking for residents and businesses.

The administration is being blamed for many local businesses going out of business or relocating to other surrounding cities and towns because of our city’s parking programs, high parking and meter fees and his bike path sprees that are taking away valuable parking spaces from local businesses which is our major tax base in the city.

Who could forget the complaints of alleged blackballing of a local Somerville family football league with issues of not allowing them to use a field, night lighting or even bathrooms.
Then theres the issue that hits close to home for us here at the News as we noticed it first hand that it seems that someone is playing games of favoritism at city hall in the placing of municipal legal ads in one news publication with an 12-1 ratio because of fear of alleged repercussion of bad press instead of distributing the city ads evenly and fairly among the three local papers that we have in the city.

Just last month the city was allegedly accused of bullying a local food vendor that has been serving residents in the city for over twenty seven years at Assembly Square long before it was Assembly Row until the vendor and residents fought back against the city and advisors finally came to their senses.
How about the recent controversy over the Veterans Services Department and who should manage it?

Not too long ago all the blame used to be pointed to the scapegoat, the Dpw commissioner, but we can clearly see that is not the case and he’s not the problem here.

A while ago when the Back-in angled parking policy first came into effect in Union Square, we asked Mayor Curtatone’s aid Omar Boukili the magic question “Why is it instead of just simply just driving into an angled parking spot that we have to back into it?” His reply to us was ” Because that’s how they do it in California!”

So with that said, that’s partially why this article has come about.

Another popular question from our readers is “Does it seem as if the board of aldermen are slowly distancing themselves away from the administration?”

“Who is advising the mayor? Where is the Chamber of Commerce during all of this and what’s their position on it?”
There’s got to be some type of logical answer to these questions on why?

The mayor just can’t be making some of these drastic damaging decisions that will come back and bite him on his own or can he?

All the citizens of Somerville are just hoping that the city will prosper and for things to run smoothly and we hope the city can come to this happy medium accomplishing those tasks.

Please let us know who you think it is that he’s listening too thats leading our mayor and the city down the potential path of self-destruction and what the city should do to correct this situation.

Sent in by our readers!

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