Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Disorderly Conduct/Resisting Arrest



On the morning of Saturday, May 16, 2015 I, was assigned to marked unit E-3. At approximately 08:15 hrs I, was heading north on Central Street. When I, got to the corner of Oxford Street, and Central a black male later identified as Fency Joseph, began Screaming ” Fuck you, you nigger pig!”

When I, stopped at the red light at the corner of Central Street and Highland Avenue Mr. Joseph, Began screaming at the people on the sidewalk, “Look at the nigger pig, just like Baltimore!” I, radioed Somerville dispatch to request a back up unit

Officer Eduardo Soares, arrived on scene to assist. Upon seeing the second marked police cruiser Mr. Joseph became even more disruptive and continued screaming profanities at us and the people on the sidewalk. This time of the morning there were families trying to enter the Dunk’n Donuts coffee shop but could not because of the tumultuous and threatening behavior of Mr. Joseph.

Mr. Joseph was asked several times to quiet down, and to stop swearing. He was made aware of the small children all around the immediate area and he replied “I don’t care nigger, what are you gonna do Kill me?” It was at this point I advised Mr. Joseph that he was under arrest. He immediately clenched his fists and raised them in an aggressive manner. As Officer Soares and I attempted to place handcuffs on Mr. Joseph, He began to pull away, and struggle. Once we were able to secure Mr. Joseph, Unit #200 was requested to transport him to Somerville Police Headquarters so he could be booked in the usual manner by the shift commander Lt. J DiGregorio.

Respectfully submitted,

Officer Robert M. Pasqualino #271
Somerville Police Department

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