Somerville Vigil Remembering Nepal Earthquake Victims

Alderman at Large Jack Connolly represented all of his Somerville Board of Aldermen colleagues , along with state officials and Mayor Joe Curtatone , when he addrtessed the gathering of concerned folks from the Somerville Nepalese community last night on the City Hall concourse at a vigil remembering the relatives and friends of the earthquake victims in Nepal last Saturday.

Alderman Connolly echoed the sentiments of Mayor Curtatone and State Representative Tim Toomey, when he advised the attendees ” … That the City of Somerville will be providing whatever assistance possible to the friends and relatives of the earthquake victims here in Somerville, because that is what friends and neighbors do in difficult and troubling times. ”
Ward One Alderman Matt Mclaughlin, Ward Two Alderman Maryann Heuston, and Alderman at Large Mary Jo Rossetti were also present and vigil participants.

Alderman Matt Mclaughlin posted on his Facebook page “Somerville stands with the families of Nepal earthquake victims. One Somerville.”








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