Letter to the Editor:Owner Wants Stolen Somerville Bike Returned


I’m reaching out to all of my Cambridge, Somerville and Boston people.
This bike was stolen last night from our backyard in Somerville. It was my only transportation, I have been car-free since 2008. It is how I get to work. How I go grocery shopping. How I go to make pictures all around New England. How I spend time with my kids, go to their performances, go to schools, go to friends homes. How I transport gifts and plants and beer. How I ride the Jamaicaway, how I dodge traffic, how I love to be. It is perfectly fitted to me and I just invested more time and money in getting it ready for spring. If you are local and care to share this that would be awesome. It’s a beige GT mens frame, 8 speed, with 26″ wheels which is kind of unique. Maybe someone will see it, maybe you will see it I really want to get it back.

By: Michael Manning via Debra O’Connor

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