Prevention* Intervention * Recovery – A Panel Discussion 4/15

Somerville Overcoming Addiction in partnership with the City of Somerville’s Office of Prevention will be holding panel discussion to address the ongoing opiate crises. The event takes place:

Wednesday April 15th 5-7:30pm
149 Broadway Somerville

at Connexion

This is a topic that affects all of us and will continue to have an impact on our community, please join us learning more about how you can support prevention and recovery and an end to this tragic epidemic. The program will include:

A discussion on prevention

An update on local and statewide efforts to address current needs.

Treatment options and how to support individuals towards recovery.

A family perspective on addiction. A parent and child will share their story towards recovery.

A Narcan Training

Question and Answer

We’ve attached a flyer…whether you can make it or not please share this flyer with you network. Thank you.


Somerville Overcoming Addiction

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