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The following is a brief summary of the incident. It does not include every minute detail.

On Monday, 3/9/2015, I, Officer DiFava, was on duty for the Somerville Police operating marked cruiser 875. At approximate 0804 hrs, I was dispatched to 660 Broadway for a report of an out of control patient. Officer Wyatt (876) also responded to provide back up. Upon arrival, I was met at the door by several staff members, one of them being xxxxxx, a nurse practitioner for the clinic. xxxx stated that the patient in question, Sean Brooks fled the clinic on foot prior to our arrival. I asked xxxxx if she could provide me with a description of Brooks. xxx described Brooks as a Caucasian male wearing a white jacket, blue jeans, sneakers and short hair. Officer Wyatt left the clinic in search of Brooks as I provided Officer McCarey (877) with his description.
I asked xxxxx what happened and she stated that she had just arrived to work at approximately 0800 hrs. She met with a patient, Sean Brooks who was already agitated with the other staff members. Brooks wanted to leave the clinic immediately and was yelling about a cell phone. xxxxx advised the staff to gather Brooks’s personal belonging’s and sign him out. There was a cell phone on a table in which xxxxx asked Brooks if it was his and he stated that it was. At some point, Brooks became even more agitated and entered an office and started knocking over several computer’s and a chair. Brooks came out of the office and started to walk toward’s xxxxx. Brooks came right up to xxxxx and placed both of his hands around her neck and started to strangle her. With the pressure of Brooks’s hand’s around her neck, xxxxx started to feel like she could not breathe. Brooks was screaming at her to give him some money and then he would leave. Xxxx was able to get both of her hand’s up underneath his and was able to break free from his hold. At this time, xxxxx (staff) came out from the back office and yelled at Brooks to leave. xxxxxx was very distraught and showed me red marks around her neck. (photos taken) I asked xxxxx if she would like medical treatment and she said yes. The Somerville Fire department and Cataldo ambulance were notified. xxxxxx was evaluated and transported to the Somerville hospital for further evaluation.

I spoke with xxxxxx who stated that he had just arrived at work at approximately 0800 hrs. As he arrived, he heard some of the other staff member’s yelling to call 911. xxxx could hear some commotion out front and went out to see what was happening. xxxxx encountered Brooks and yelled at him to leave. Brooks turned his attention towards xxxxxx and started to walk towards him. Brooks was shaking and had his fists clenched. xxxxxx again yelled at Brooks to leave. At this time, Brooks fled the clinic on foot.

I spoke to xxxxxx (staff) who stated that he came into work at approximately 0000 hrs on 3/9/15. Brooks was already staying at the clinic for the night. At approximately 0130 hrs, xxxxx noticed that his cell phone was missing. xxxxx looked around and tried calling it several times, but it was only going to voicemail. At approximately 0655 hrs, xxx heard a beep that sounded like his cell phone coming from Brooks. xxxxx asked Brooks if he had taken his cell phone and Brooks stated that he found it in the bathroom. Brooks asked xxxxx not to tell the other staff members about the incident. Brooks then asked to leave the clinic and xxxx advised him that it is currently shift change and that he would have to be properly signed out. Brooks became very angry and picked up a chair and held it over his head.xxxxx feared that Brooks was going to hit him with the chair and ran outside of the building. As Brooks was leaving the clinic, xxxx was able to get his cell phone back from him.

Respectfully submitted,

Officer Marc DiFava #289
Somerville Police Dept

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