Parking Ban Updates, Snow Info Tues. 3/3

Last updated Tues., Mar. 3, 5:40 p.m.

The citywide snow emergency parking ban is still in effect, meaning all cars must park on the odd-side of the street (unless otherwise posted), or unless the ban has been lifted on your street.
See below for a list of streets no longer under the ban.

Parking is also available in City lots in business districts or at Dilboy Stadium.
Please note that Mon.-Fri. school lots are available for overnight parking only from 6 p.m. to 7 a.m., and at all hours on weekends.
All cars parked on roads where the ban has ban lifted must be cleared of snow within 48 hours of the ban lifting on that street. Cars not cleared of snow by the time noted after the street will be subject to ticketing and towing because the uncleared cars are safety hazards.

More streets to come:

Adrian St.
Albion St.
Aldersey St. (clear snow from cars by 8pm Thurs. 3/5)
Ames St.
Appleton St.
Arlington St.
Ash Ave.
Auburn Ave.
Austin St.
Avon St.
Bailey Rd.
Bailey St. (Clear snow off cars by 5 p.m. Thurs.)
Banks St.
Bartlett St.
Bay State Ave.
Beacon St.
Bedford St.
Benton Rd. (Highland to Summer)
Bigelow St.
Bonair St. (McGrath Hwy to Cross St.)
Bond St.
Boston Ave. (Kidder to Broadway)
Boston St.
Bradley St.
Brook St.
Buena Vista Rd.
Burnside Ave.
Campbell Park
Cameron Ave.
Cambria St.
Cedar St. (Sartwell to Highland)
Central St.
Century St.
Cherry St.
Chester St.
Chestnut St.
Cleveland St.
Clifton St.
Clyde St. (clear snow from cars by 8pm Thurs. 3/5)
College Ave.
Columbus Ave.
Curtis Ave.
Curtis St.
Craigie St.
Cresthill Rd.
Crocker St.
Cross St. (Pearl to McGrath)
Cross St. E
Dane St.
Dartmouth St.
Day St.
Dell St. (clear snow from cars by 8pm Thurs. 3/5)
Derby St.
Dover St.
Dow St.
Edgar Ave.
Edgar Terr.
Electric Ave. (Curtis to Packard)
Ellsworth (#10 Ellsworth to Cross St.)
Elm St.
Elston St.
Everett Ave. (Cross St. to #20 Everett Ave.)
Evergreen Ave.
Fairfax St.
Fellsway West
Fenwick St.
Fitchburg St.
Flint St. (Glen to Cross) (clear snow from cars by 8pm Thurs. 3/5)
Foskett St.
Francesca Ave.
Franklin St. (Clear snow off cars by 5 p.m. Thurs.)
Fremont St. (Main St. to Meachem St.)
Garrison Ave.
Gibbons St.
Glen St. (Broadway to Pearl)
Glenwood Rd.
Gordon St.
Gorham St.
Governor Winthrop Road
Grant St. (Broadway to Jacques)
Greenville St.
Hall Ave.
Hancock St.
Hardan Rd.
Harvard St.
Hathorn St.
Heath St. (Edgar Ave. to Temple St.)
Highland Ave.
Hillsdale Rd.
Holland St.
Holyoke Rd.
Hooker Ave.
Howard St.
Hudson St.
Illinois Ave.
Jacques St.
Jay St.
Joseph St.
Josephine Ave.
Kenwood St.
Kidder Ave.
Langmaid Ave.
Laurel St. (Clear snow off cars by 5 p.m. Thurs.)
Lee St.
Leonard St.
Lexington Ave. (Clear snow off cars by 5 p.m. Thurs.)
Liberty Ave.
Lincoln Pkwy.
Linden Ave. (Elm to Summer) (Clear snow off cars by 5 p.m. Thurs.)
Linwood St.
Lowden Ave.
Lowell Ave. (Highland to Medford) (clear snow from cars by 8pm Thurs. 3/5)
Madison St.
Main St.
Mallett St.
Meacham Rd.
Meacham St.
Medford St.
Melville Rd.
Merriam St. (Washington St. to Somerville Ave.)
Miner St.
Montgomery Ave.
Montrose St.
Morrison Ave.
Mt. Vernon St. (Perkins St. to Pearl St.)
Munroe St.
Murdock St. (clear snow from cars by 8pm Thurs. 3/5)
Newberne St.
Newton St.
North St.
Norwood Ave.
Oliver St. (Franklin to Glen)
Orchard St.
Otis St. (from Cross St. to No. 16 Otis)
Packard Ave.
Park St.
Partridge Ave.
Paulina St.
Pearl St.
Pembroke St.
Perkins St. (Mt. Vernon to Boston Line)
Perry St. (Washington to the bend)
Pleasant Ave.
Porter St. (Clear snow off cars by 5 p.m. Thurs.)
Powderhouse Blvd.
Powder House Terr. (Clear snow off cars by 5 p.m. Thurs.)
Prescott St.
Princeton St. (Clear snow off cars by 5 p.m. Thurs.)
Properzi Way (Somerville Ave. to Tyler St.)
Prospect Hill Ave.
Prospect Hill Pkwy.
Puritan Rd.
Putnam St.
Putnam Rd.
Quincy St.
Radcliffe Rd. (Clear snow off cars by 5 p.m. Thurs.)
Raymond Ave.
Richdale Ave. (School to Sycamore)
Robinson St.
Rogers Ave.
Rush St. (from back of School to Brook)
Russell St.
St. James Ave.
Sanborn Ave.
Sartwell Ave.
School St. (Madison St. to Somerville Ave.)
Sewall St.
Shore Dr.
Simpson Ave. (Cady Ave. to Holland St.)
Somerville Ave.
Spencer Ave. (Clear snow off cars by 5 p.m. Thurs.)
Springfield St.
Stone Ave.
Summer St.
Summit St.
Sycamore St.
Sydney St.
Taylor St.
Teele Ave.
Temple Rd. (Shore to Mystic)
Ten Hills Road
Tennyson St.
Thurston St.
Trull St.
Tyler St.
Vernon St.
Walker St.
Walnut Rd. (Walnut ROAD, not Street)
Ware St.
Warren Ave.
Warwick St. (Clear snow off cars by 5 p.m. Thurs.)
Washington St.
Wellington Ave.
West Adams St.
West Quincy St.
Wheatland St.
Whitfield Rd.
Williams St.
Willow Ave. (Summer St. to Broadway)
Windom St. (Clear snow off cars by 5 p.m. Thurs.)
Wisconsin Ave.
Wyatt St.
In all other locations, the parking ban remains in effect. As bans are lifted, on a rolling basis, we will send email and text message alerts to residents and businesses in those areas. As they are announced, streets will be listed here as well as on our social media feeds. Residents may also call 311 (617-666-3311) for a list of streets.

Until the ban is lifted on your street, vehicles parked on the even side may be subject to ticketing and towing (unless otherwise posted) to ensure City crews can conduct snow removal quickly and efficiently.

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