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So yet another Super Bowl has come and gone.

Stop the presses. That seems familiar. So familiar to me that I broke out the last dozen or so columns I have produced the day after the Super Bowl. What I found was amazing to me, because oddly enough, I used almost that exact line in every single one of those columns.

To paraphrase a very young old man I know: “that’s weird.” But seriously, I am not sure now whether I want to write about the Patriots winning Super Bowl 49 or carry on in a narcissistic fashion about my insecurities as a writer. Insert dilemma here.

Okay. So the game itself was awesome, of course, although I’m not sure if qualifies as “the best Super Bowl” of all time. In the interest of full disclosure, I watched more of the game on my phone and even that was sporadic at best, but I did get a steady stream of updates scream by on my Facebook newsfeed. That is annoying when you get the same comment from 50 different people.

And about that half time show. I didn’t watch it as it happened, but I saw most of it on YouTube today and I’m sorry but Katy Perry is cute as Hell, but, I think she was awful. It surely was nowhere near as awesome as Bruno Mars was last year – probably the all time best half time performance. It was nowhere near as entertaining as the infamous wardrobe malfunction in 2004. It was nothing like when the King of Pop blew minds in 1993.

The sick thing is – there is probably more debate today about how good/crappy the commercials were and how good/bad Katy Perry was than about the game itself. I am not sure what that says about us, but, as a fan of international sports (too long to list here), it is uniquely American. Nuff said.

With that said, I am going to send along yet another email offering to organize, produce and direct next year’s half time show for the NFL. I may be so bold as to offer said services for the entire broadcast with creative control over who announces the game as well. Morons everywhere.

The good news is we won, despite the best attempts at the haters to distract the Patriots with bullshit. It was all about the football down on that field last night, and when you tear back the rest of the dog and pony show, that’s what it was meant to be. With that said, another one bites the dust…or the snow drift. Don’t even get me started on this snowstorm parade. #GMK

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