New left-of-center majority in Congress bodes ill for gun rights

By Neil W. McCabe

Revolutions are funny things. Not funny-ha ha, but funny-strange.

The French tossed the Bourbons and got Napoleon. The Germans tossed the Kaiser and got Hitler. Russians tossed the Czar and got Stalin. On and on it goes throughout history and all over the map. Folks trading shahs for ayatollahs and then spending generations wondering whatever happened.

After the midterm elections of 2010, conservative and Tea Party voters gave Republicans control of the House of Representatives and new strength in the Senate. In return, Republican leaders promised to cut $100 from the federal budget and repeal the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.
Unfortunately for America, the GOP was true to its nature, not to its word.
Working behind-the-scenes with Democrats, Republicans increased spending and fully-funded Obamacare.
On the other side of the aisle, the biggest fear the Democrats had was that the passion of the Tea Party would get plugged into the infrastructure of the Republican Party, forming an unstoppable electoral machine.
Now, we know that Republicans actually fear and hate conservatives more than Democrats do.
Of course, this brings us to the new Congress in January.
President Barack Obama has so poisoned the well with Washington Democrats that we have pretty much survived the lame duck session without calamity. But, there is a new trend that is very troubling.
In the 2014 midterm campaigns, Republican consultants used House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D.-Calif.) and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D.-Nev.) as boogie men to frighten voters out of voting for Democrats. But, once the polls close, Reid and Pelosi have become working partners with the Republican leadership on Capitol Hill.
Watch this week for a massive $1 trillion-plus budget to pass for fiscal year 2015 without hearings or even a public release of line items. The bill is being worked on now by GOP leaders, along with Pelosi and Reid, who have combined to box out Capitol Hill conservatives—their common enemy.
What is most troubling about this trend is that at a time with the president is most isolated and politically weakened, it is the Republican leadership stepping up to engineer this left-of-center parliamentary majority and revive his agenda.
For gun owners and Americans working to restore American gun rights, this coalition means that new “responsible” regulation in back in play.
There is no doubt that armed citizens make themselves and their communities safer. But, this is not about really making communities safer. Restricting gun rights is a war, one culture against another.
Believe me when I tell you that Republican leaders and their staffs think America and the GOP would be better places without the gun nuts. It is a sentiment they cannot express aloud because gun nuts are the ones getting them elected and reelected.
In the past, conservatives have leverage with the leadership because it was the practice of the party to only move on legislation if it was supported by the majority of the majority. Now that the GOP leadership is banking on Democratic votes to replace rebel conservatives it is a new ballgame with new rules.

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