Fine Print Ahead:The Automatic Car Wash Nightmare on The Line!

Yes its called a”Car Wash” but do they really get it clean?

Well you be the judge on this one?

Just about everything is a scam and/or a technicality these days even something as simple as getting your car washed.

Has anyone ever taken their car to a car wash on the highway thats on the line?

Yeah the one that always smiles when you go in then later cops an attitude with you even though you’re spending your hard earned money with them and they don’t appreciate it.

You know when you go through that car wash and they use the brush that they use on both sides of your car and you think that it got everything but after the wash to come out and find out that your car is still dirty.

And after you just spent nine dollars for the car wash then about two bucks for a tip and it comes out filthy and not to mention all the watermarks because their using recycled water.

Now don’t get me wrong, I think it’s great to conserve water, but clean and filter it once in a while for gods sake!

Then you ask the attendant politely “Hey I just spent $11, do you think my car could be a little cleaner” and then he hits you with a technicality, “damn read the sign it’s extra to do your tires” instead of just doing the right thing to make your customer happy by running your car through the car wash again to keep the peace?

But no, that would of been too easy!

We understand that its a business and there are signs that sort of read “for extra money we will use a special superdupper cleaning miracle cleaner on your tires and wheels!” But I didn’t see any sign anywhere that says “$9 exterior car wash except for your wheels will come out dirty and get free water marks on your exterior?”

I saw a sign that read “$9 Exterior Wash” damit!

Some business owners would rather be stars and end up on a consumer article like this one instead of just doing the right thing these days!

Use your brains people that’s why there’s a recession and this a perfect example of no pride in your workmanship and no customer satisfaction.

All I know is that if they don’t want my business, I’ll give my business to the guy in Medford who appreciates your business and does a nice job on your “Exterior Wash!”

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