Cobble Hill Elders “Talked the Vote”

By Martin Polignone

This Past Wednesday Cobble Hill Elders “Talked the Vote.” One of the most interactive and well attended coffee hours that we had for some time, was the opinion of many elder residents of Cobble Hill that was sponsored by Ward One Alderman Matt McLaughlin and featured speaker Senator Pat Jehlan.

Who ends up in the Governor and Attorney General’s office is going to determine what needs of the elderly will be taken care of.

Many agreed with the speakers that Martha Coakley has been there and will continue to be there for seniors, having been such a great champion for elder and disabled persons in her tenure as Attorney General.

As for filing that seat, many in attendance were very confident that Maura Healy will take over the Office and keep up the fight to protect seniors as well as bring her new ideas and strategies in doing so.
Different from the usual speeches to endorse party candidates, this meeting quickly and vigorously turned into more of a dialog and well thought out conversation of what changes this election may bring.

The most heated discussion was between those for, and those against the proposed casino and how it will affect the local community. More than one elder showed excitement for a new destination for fun and “a good bingo game.” However others spoke back saying that they were concerned about possible negative issues such as traffic that might impact their travel to daily appointments, the impact on local Somerville small businesses as well and any criminal element that might come to the area.

In the true spirit of elders caring about the community that they lived and contributed to in their many years of life, the one thing that all could agree on was that the children of the next generation are the most important beneficiaries of any choices that they will make as they head to the polls to cast their votes.

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