Elect Nick Lanzilli State Representative for the 34th Middlesex District Somerville/Medford

For those of you who have yet to hear about me or meet me, I am Nicholas Lanzilli, a candidate for the office of State Representative for the 34th Middlesex District. I am a lifetime Medford resident who has graduated
from the Medford Public School system. I am a college graduate of the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA and currently work as an associate construction consultant.

Being a product of a middle class family who has always stressed a common sense approach to life’s everyday issues, I believe this to be something that Beacon Hill lacks. For too many years, we have seen a division grow in this country and the Middle class is paying the price for it now. I am running on the November 4th ballot to give this District a voice of reason and common sense they have been without for far too long. The majority of those legislators have forgotten that common sense and a legitimate work ethic should be the engine of life’s decisions for success. This is my reasoning for wanting to be your new State Representative.

As you will see in the forthcoming weeks, my agenda and literature will be directed toward common sense approaches toward how your taxes should be spent so as to better serve you. I ask you to keep an open mind, listen to my issues as presented, as I shall listen to your concerns, as well. November 4th can be a new beginning for our Medford/Somerville district and, with your help, we can make this work. Thank You ~

Nicholas Lanzilli

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