Annual American Rendezvous Weekend (September 26 – 28th, 2014)

An event hosted by Parkour Generations Americas in Somerville

American Rendezvous (ARDV) is an annual weekend gathering of parkour practitioners from around the country. Parkour was born in the banlieues (suburbs) of Paris in the 1980s and is now one of the world’s fastest-growing sports. While often recognized in the fantastic images seen on YouTube or television, the sport is actually a form of movement with roots from a variety of physical disciplines, including gymnastics, martial arts, climbing, breakdancing, and track. The sport is growing rapidly in the Boston metropolitan area, and this year ARDV is returning to the Somerville/Boston
area for the second time, largely due to the strong support it has received from the City of Somerville, its Recreation Department, and the Shape Up Somerville strategy. David Hudson, Director, notes “Shape Up Somerville is proud to support the American Rendezvous Weekend. Parkour fits perfectly into our model of increasing access to physical activity for all residents and community members.”
ARDV is an opportunity for practitioners to participate in a series of training sessions led by elite coaches flown in from across the U.S.A. (CA, NC, PA, TX, WI) and from abroad (Denmark, England, Korea, and Scotland). The weekend is open to adults and high-school students (age 14+) of all experience levels and athletic backgrounds. It is designed to function as a “melting-pot event” for people to meet and train with each other in a safe, fun, and hard-working atmosphere, while celebrating a healthy and active lifestyle.

The ARDV weekend will kick off Friday evening, September 26th with an exclusive “night training” session for a limited number of participants on. The main event starts the next morning, Saturday, and will mostly take place indoors in the Somerville High School gym from 9am-5pm, where participants will train on a specially built and very creative “Scaffolding City.” On Sunday a number of outdoor “parkour hotspots” will be visited in downtown Boston, enabling participants to train in the type of urban settings that originally gave birth to the sport in France.

The fee to register for the full weekend workshop is $95/person, for the Saturday-Sunday sessions is $80, and for just Saturday is $55. Local high school students may also apply for partial or full scholarships, made possible through the generous sponsorship of several local businesses – Assembly Row, Gentle Giant, New England School of Business, Triumvirate Environmental, Community Cooks, Machu Picchu, and Redbones. Many local restaurants are also offering significant discounts to registrants. To register, or for more details, contact Blake Evitt, Director of Parkour Generations Americas at or go to

Parkour Generations Americas: Boston
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