Somerville Boxing Club’s Fight Night at Dilboy Stadium


By Shannon Hardy

Friday, August 22nd the Somerville Boxing Club hosted another unforgettable Fight Night at Dilboy Stadium. The line up featured amateur fighters both from Somerville and

surrounding communities, but spotlighted Somerville Boxing Club’s Michael Evans versus an unnamed opponent. Evan’s mystery opponent, yet another member of the club— Thomas Roklan, did not have his identity revealed to the crowd until the night of.
Thus, suspense was high as Somerville fighters such as Kenneth Larson, Fabio D’Ambrasio, Raphael Ocasio, David King, and Peter Maher took the ring and lead up to the fight between Evans and the mystery fighter. Both fighters went through intensive training covering everything from extensive boxing drills, shadow boxing, running, and sparring prior to the big night.
Finally, at 9pm, both Evans and Roklan promptly took the ring. The crowd’s chants pushed them on as they finally left it all out in the ring after three heavy rounds. Roklan won the arduous match-up and both opponents embraced one another in a show of friendship, comradery, and accomplishment for the Somerville Boxing Club. Although Evans attends Somerville Boxing Club’s Fight Night every year, this is was his first time participating in a fight of his own. Evans remarked with appreciation about the Somerville Boxing Club, “It just helps me continue on the path that I’m on and by helping out down there, it helps me. I help out by training kids and that way there I’m giving back to the community as best I can. “
While Evans experienced his first time as a fighter, Actor, Arthur Wahlberg experienced his very first taste of Somerville’s Fight Nights. As a newcomer to the crowd, Wahlberg joined friends in the spirit of the game he grew up with, however, he did reflect his gratitude for not being in the ring himself, “I do like it, but to participate it in it—No, I’d rather not. I’m a lover, not a fighter.” Wahlberg went on to talk about his favorite component of the event: the many emerging fighters, “Just being able to see whose young and upcoming is really exciting, especially coming from all different areas. They’re not just from Somerville, they’re from South Boston, Everett, they’re from Malden, Medford—they’re from allover. That’s the good part of it. It’s not just Somerville fighting Somerville. You know, they’re fighting everybody to rise up to the ranks.”
After the event, all proceeds went to fund the exceptional work of the Somerville Boxing Club. The Somerville Boxing Club runs entirely on fundraising and charitable donations from the community in order to provide training, supplies, and guidance for all participating members of the community.






Actor Aurther Wahlberg of the hit tv series “Wahlburgers” pictured here with Somerville News Weekly Reporter Shannon Hardy at Somerville Fight Night.

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