Lessons from the shooting of Michael Brown By Neil W. McCabe

Certainly by now, nobody still believes the bogus Michael Brown narrative the Left was peddling as it once again exploited a death for political gain.
How could anyone have believed that in Ferguson, Missouri, a city the University
of Missouri-St. Louis named one of a “Playful City” four years in a row, a police officer would gun down an African-American in the back as his hands were raised in surrender?
Yet, in the days after the Aug. 9 tragedy, this is exactly what the Left and its hurdy-gurdy men in the mainstream media were dishing out as fact. Um, no.
The facts are that Brown was called out by police for walking with his buddy in the middle of the street. Brown got belligerent and slugged a police officer. After slugging the police officer he made a run for it, leading the officers to draw their weapons and order him to halt and surrender to their custody.
I would rather not go into the details, but one afternoon in California a Highway Patrol officer came upon me with her weapon drawn. It looked like a cannon in her hands and I was very cooperative.
Brown was not as cooperative as your humble correspondent.
Rather, Brown turned towards the officer and bum rushed him.
Now, the officer did not know Brown had just strong-armed a store clerk or that Brown was all hopped up on at least marijuana. What he did know is that a large man was not responding in the normal way to police commands—and was now charging at him like a locomotive.
The officer fired to defend himself. He killed Brown, who bled out awaiting medical attention.
What the Left did in the aftermath of Brown’s death is repugnant. Always looking to put points on the board, no matter the facts or the sensitivities, liberals spun up mobs of Ferguson residents and cheered them on as they looted, robbed and burned their way their city’s streets.
I am not making this up, but some liberals even explained away this criminal pandemonium as the natural result of having a white police chief and white police officers in city with many black residents.
Excuse me, in 2014 are we still saying that minorities will not obey the law unless there are minority police officers?
Of course, the Brown killing and the liberal-inspired mayhem that followed acts as another reminder that we need to restore gun rights to ordinary Americans.
We all know neighborhoods in every Massachusetts city that are abandoned by the police, except for the quickie drive through in a squad car. These neighborhoods are too dangerous for police officers to walk a beat, yet they are home to thousands of our fellow citizens.
Obviously, in these forsaken neighborhoods, the residents should not be disarmed by the same government unwilling to protect them.
In addition to those neighborhoods ceded over to the criminals, the Ferguson riots remind us that at any moment, the most diligent police force could become overwhelmed.
But, remember, liberals live in safe neighborhoods vigilant police attention. They work for institutions with security guards and swipe cards, so unlike the regular folk trying to run a dry cleaners, sub shops or grocery store in a tough neighborhood, they do not fear the mobs they unleash upon the rest of us.
It took less than a week for the truth about Brown to come to the fore. But, by then it was too late for the average Americans, who livelihoods were destroyed in the mayhem triggered by a bogus narrative.
It is too late for the sufferers in Ferguson, but it is not too late to fix things in Massachusetts—and the first thing to do is to restore gun rights to the resident here.

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