Controversy Growing Over ALS Ice Bucket Awareness Challenge, Is It a Good Thing?

By William Tauro

You’ve been seeing it happen all across social media non stop and going viral.

The controversy continues to grow over the popular #IceBucketChallenge on whether it’s a good thing or just a new trendy way to exhibit yourself on Facebook.

If the Ice-bucket challenge wasn’t going out there right now, would ALS be in

any of your minds at all?

Seriously, when was the last time that anyone even spoke about ALS to you or to the millions of people that are sharing it today, right now on social media?

Not everyone will take your challenge and do it, but many will take it and dump the ice water and pass it on.

It’s mainly designed to do just that, to promote ALS awareness that would otherwise normally go unnoticed to most us and then pass is along to educate others.

In the long run its a win, win situation for ALS patients and families.

If this ice cold, bone chilling, wet challenge wasn’t going on as we speak, who really would even be thinking about ALS during the heart of the summer vacation season other than the ALS family’s and ALS patients?

Your raising your own ALS awareness by reading about it right now in this article because of the ice buckets, so its working.

Hopefully instead of criticizing everyone’s efforts, if you don’t take-on an ice bucket challenge, instead you’ll write a check to ALS and help the cause? It’s as simple as that!

It’s all good and its good people having some fun while raising awareness to help a good cause like ALS!

So when you get a chance, raise that ice water bucket real high and take the plunge!

14 thoughts on “Controversy Growing Over ALS Ice Bucket Awareness Challenge, Is It a Good Thing?”

  1. Note: a correction to my previous post.

    Administration costs is basically executive pay, and patient and public education/services main costs are paying their staff to carry out these tasks.

    Problem is, people are donating for research. And that’s not where the money is going.

  2. Maybe you should look up the ALS foundation and do a little reading. Just over 20% of the donations made to them are donated to other ALS charities. The rest of the money goes to paying their staff, with over 70% going to the executives, and the rest is turned into profit. They are not a charity, nor a non-profit organisation. Hate to say it, but those who have donated have been conned.

  3. Maybe I just don’t get it.
    For all the time and effort it takes to post nothing more than an
    exaggerated, repetitive, boring, self indulgent visual of people dumping a bucket of water over their collective heads, wouldn’t it be more significant to actually make a cash donation for ALS?
    I know its not as much fun, but which are we really more interested in…ALS, or…fun?

  4. wow massive water wastage. there are many other BETTER ways of raising awareness instead of blindly following whats going on viral on facebook. I wont be surprised to know half the people taking up the challenge are doing it because they think its cool. Might as well create a new “slap yourself” challenge to raise awareness. Thats funny and doesnt waste any water and would achieve the same so-called awareness that this ridiculous idea is getting.

  5. anyone complaining about it…sorry, is a moron. They made 20k last year during these weeks… this year they are going to blow by a few million. Anyone criticizing it… yes, is a moron.

    1. yes criticizing it as a money making model would be moronic… but what up sets alot of ppl is when they realize how much not for profits actually donate to the cause…i think the ALS foundation is one of the better ones at like 17% or something like that

    2. of that 20k only about 7% of it is going to research. more than 20% is going towards paying the people heading the fundraiser.

  6. But according to tonight News it is making money for the ALS Foundation and that their donations are up 600 percent. If everyone that does the challegne donates $10 and those who do not or can not donate $100 that would be a significate amount of money to a great cause. So not only are the “Ice Bucket Challenges” raising money they are also raising awareness….

  7. The problem with the ice bucket challenge is that it doesn’t directly have any effect on ALS. and half the younger generation don’t even know why there doing it they just think it’s cool. I wouldn’t be surprised if a few weeks from now you watch videos of people not even mentioning the disease. Many people don’t even know that some of the people they interact with on a daily basis might even have the disease. My grandmother has ALS and has lost mobility of her tongue making it impossible to talk. I’m all for awareness for any disease but in 2 weeks people won’t remember it.

  8. We buried my cousin yesterday after his 10 year battle with ALS. Anything that raises awareness, even if it doesn’t raise more money is good. Oh, by the way, donations to ALS are up since the challenge started.

  9. Nicely said. Look at the average age of those bring awareness about ALS to the forefront. Also has everyone talking about it and donating even if the don’t do the Now it seems it’s just not brought to the front on the Labor Day telethon. Very proud of what has started and hope it keeps going….

  10. I see so many gruesome posts on Facebook. Half the time I cant even look and just scroll by the posts. In my opinion, the Ice Bucket Challenge is a fun way to raise awareness, not that I would actually do it. So what if people want to be noticed on Facebook. It’s social media. Have fun!

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