Unexplained Death Discovered on Elmwood Street Somerville


By William Tauro

Somerville Police were dispatched to Elmwood Street early Saturday morning for reports of a black male laying motionless in the street after the deceased male’s motor vehicle struck a parked motor vehicle.

There are unconfirmed reports that he may have been run over by his own motor vehicle accidentally while entering the vehicle.

Police are still investing the cause of death.

One thought on “Unexplained Death Discovered on Elmwood Street Somerville”

  1. does that “unconfirmed” report sound right to anyone at all?? Its basically saying that he hit a parked car and then ran himself over. The whole story doesnt seem right at all to me. God bless the dead I dont mean to disrespect him, but if he really managed to run himself over then he is getting the donkey of the day award. he must have somehow been about to die while he was still driving, whether he was murdered or not, and then smashed into a parked car then got out and died on the street.

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