Reality Bites by James A. Norton

Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in…

One of the few redeeming points of Godfather III wasn’t remembered by so
many until Silvio from the Sopranos imitated it around ten years after the movie came out. It’s kind of like being a fixture in Somerville, taking a few years to collect yourself, and realizing that you never really left, your soul still lives and breathes being a Villen. I have had such a revelation more than once in the last four or five years – probably because I don’t feel like I ever left – although at least one person thought they saw a “ghost” when they ran into me at a meeting not too long ago.

That made me feel both sad and reminiscent of days gone by, being smack in the middle of what was going on in and around the Ville. Running into friends, neighbors, frenemies and outright haters at Dunkin Donuts or Ball Square Cafe or even at the DPW. Having people come to my office to discuss pressing political matters or just shooting the shit about something someone heard about someone.

Very familiar, indeed. This microcosm of information and disinformation – the grind of the rumor mill if you will. Fun of course at the time, especially when “speculation” was in high gear, but, as I get older I find myself detesting the gossip that runs rampant in the Ville still. Maybe it’s a flashback to my teenage days when I couldn’t do a damned thing without someone telling someone else about it and hearing about whatever warped version of my exploits remained at the end of the day – and in the days of no cell phones even.

Stressful as it was, there was a rush, there still is to an extent – but it pales in comparison to what I am doing these days. Sure, I still have myself rooted to real estate, but, I am doing so much more and with so few people who know about it. I like that. Maybe life is a little more enjoyable now because I took myself out of the political day to day playbook, maybe it was because I have distanced myself from some really horrible people I wasted entirely too much of my life on. I don’t know.

Now some people will be snickering after reading that. Saying to themselves (and probably others) that I didn’t take myself out, I was voted out – get over yourselves – that is not what I was getting at. Besides which, before you can seriously criticize me for not being re-elected twice, put your name on a ballot. Just try it…see what happens, then you can cast that stone at me. As for the distancing myself from the morons and evil people, well, that’s kind of subjective now isn’t it? I might not have anything to hide, but, I am also not 22 years old anymore and need to explain myself…it’s my business, well it was before I finally smartened up and moved on. Thank God for small miracles.

Now the question is – when will the real bad people be finally run out of the Ville? It’s not who you think it is, of course, unless you know me well enough, then you know at least one, maybe two of the people I am alluding to. The sad thing is, they don’t think they’ve ever done anything wrong, probably because they’ve never had to answer with serious repercussions for their misdeeds. That’s okay, because karma is a bitch – and your day of reckoning is coming sooner than you could ever imagine. To all the assclowns who belong in that same cesspool ready to be flushed, I say you reap what you sow, dummy. #GMK

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