Assembly Sq Getting Better, But Traffic Jams Getting Worse

By William Tauro

If you ever had the pleasure of traveling from Grand Union Boulevard to Broadway at Mount Vernon Street or from Broadway to Grand Union Boulevard during 5:00 pm rush hour forget about it!

Traffic congestion from the traffic lights on Broadway to the two sets of lights on Grand Union Boulevard to the one set of lights at the off ramp of Route 93 South Bound under the Route 93 Overpass will get you every time

A well needed Synchronization of the traffic lights are a must as well as a new traffic study won’t hurt before the remainder of Assembly Sq Row is completed.

What’s your take on this?

3 thoughts on “Assembly Sq Getting Better, But Traffic Jams Getting Worse”

  1. The real issue is Sullivan sq since they shut down the bypass at the circle. traffic gets backed up to Franklin and beyond sometimes. Additionally cars coming down from 93 get stuck under the 93 overpass waiting to turn left onto broadway. Cars from broadway cant take a left to assembly because of the traffic jams. So even if you synchronized traffic perfectly on the other side with traffic going up mystic, it wont mater if traffic cant get there.If there was a way to get traffic at Sullivan moving, one could hypothetically get all traffic to assembly to go straight and loop around and remove the traffic light on mystic (no traffic going under 93 overpass) reroute all traffic thru a loop back Buses cut thru now, why cant a special left lane just for assembly be considered.The only residual issue is the traffic off 93 that goes straight to Sullivan….. IMO if that ramp was extended allowing an underpass, this idea would work. But I guess that has more to do with Boston than Somerville

  2. Well, duh!!! Whomever has enjoyed the easy trip to Home Depot these past years knows that this trip is now doomed. Hopefully it will get better after all the hoopla is over, but knowing how traffic planners work, I doubt it!!

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