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Powell Arrest

On May 15, I Detective Shackelford along with the following narcotics detectives.

An individual known to them as, Malcolm Powell (AKA, street name “Mouse”) who was a possibly a Cambridge resident, was distributing Oxycodone Tablets within the City of Somerville. Mr. Powell utilizes a Black Audi A4 with Florida Registration Plates, # BCGZ46 to facilitate his narcotics transactions. Mr. Powell was described as a black male, medium build in his early twenties.

Based on this information obtained. I initiated an investigation into Mr. Powell’s illegal Oxycodone distribution. Mr. Powell had been arrested by the Somerville Police Department in the past where Mr. Powell had used a Cambridge residential address. A board of probation check was conducted on Mr. Malcolm Powell and it revealed prior “Guilty’s” for Trafficking Cocaine, Possession to Distribute Cocaine and Possession to Distribute Marijuana. These convictions resulted in a committed sentence. I would like to point out that on the day prior to this arrest, I observed Mr. Malcolm Powell operating a black Audi A4 with Florida Registration plate #BCGZ46.

A phone call to Mr. Powell via cellular telephone to arrange for the purchase of 10 – 30 milligram Oxycodone Tablets (street value of $300). Mr. Powell gave a meet location of the Home Depot in the City of Somerville. Mr. Powell gave an estimated arrival time of 3:30pm. Based on this information, surveillance was set up in parking lot of the Home Depot. In addition to the Somerville Police Narcotics Unit, Medford Narcotics Detectives assisted.

At approximately 3:40pm, Detective Hyde observed Mr. Powell operating the Black Audi A4 Florida Registration #BCGZ46 pull into the parking lot of the Home Depot. When surveillance units attempted to conducted a stop of Mr. Powell, Mr. Powell refused to obey the commands of Detective Hyde. Mr. Powell did not place his vehicle in park (came to a stop after it bumped into an undercover vehicle) and attempted to ingest what appeared to be a small object. Detective Hyde attempted to stop Mr. Powell from swallowing the object but he continued to resist and was unsuccessful. The act of swallowing/ingesting narcotics is a tactic commonly used by Narcotics Distributors and users to elude law enforcement upon police identification.

During the search of his person Detective Hyde discovered $1,505 in U.S. Currency. Inside the vehicle Detective Sacco discovered one black Apple I-Phone and a grey AT&T “LG” phone. Detective Sacco also made note that both phones were ringing at the time. Inside the center console Detective Collazo discovered two additional cellular phones (one blue Samsung T-Mobile and one black/grey Samsung T-Mobile). Detective Sgt. Monte discovered a clear plastic sandwich bag with the corner pulled off. Commonly used packaging materials for illegal narcotics.

Based on our investigation and Detective Hyde’s observations we believed Mr. Powell ingested an unknown amount of “Oxycodone” tablets. It was believed that Mr. Powell safety and well being was in question. At that time, Detective Sgt. Monte requested Cataldo Ambulance to the scene. Mr. Powell was transported to the Somerville Hospital for safety concerns. Upon arrival at the Hospital, Mr. Powell admitted to Detective Hyde / Hospital Staff that he had swallowed “pills in a plastic bag.”

Detective Sgt. Monte authorized a tow for the black Audi A4 Florida Registration #BCGZ46. The Audi A4 Florida registration #BCGZ46 and the $1,505 in U.S. Currency and Cellular phones will be subject to forfeiture proceedings.

Mr. Powell was charged with resisting arrest and possession with the intent to distribute Oxycodone, a Class “B” Controlled Substance.

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