Zumba (ZUMBA) dance fitness and fun


Zumba (ZUMBA) Fitness has quickly grown into the planet’s most popular sport lessons. In fact, a Latin dance inspired workout allegedly Pat over 1.2 billion people, fashion (Figure 1at Somerville-YMCA) in 125 countries
around the world.
Zumba is a fitness dance salsa and other Latin-based approach, in the wonderful world of Latin music and rhythms of popular music enjoyment -. Kinds of fantastic exercise its unique choreography was so appropriate for different segments and levels of dancing people .
. The release of fat and calories
Today, Zumba Latin dance from a variety of aerobic dance becomes routine Zumba moves through interval training, aerobic activity has generated a lot of calories for most people: -. Hours of dancing to burn 400 – 600 calories, and with the speed up and increase the intensity of the dance rhythms of the music rises in addition to burning calories and aerobics, dance movement at different speeds to different parts of the muscle (rather than the slower runners, which are often used repeatedly the same muscle), enhanced arms, legs, chest, shoulders, back, abs and cardio energy function. Achieve weight loss, fitness effect!
. Full of vitality and joy
Zumba combines Latin style touching dance, music and dance in the beautiful and fast and slow beats the alternative, intoxicated immersed in the joy of the moment, the mind and body with sufficient release, will make you sweat, inspire and incentives! (Figure 2 at Somerville-YMCA)
I joined the Zumba activity after (three times weekly), rarely absent. Exercises more than a year, and Pat thinner waistline, three-high (high blood pressure, lipids and glucose) Pat normal, energetic than ever. In the dance, to observe, remember each dance, intently to capture every dance routine and timely response, which is also on the physical, psychological reaction ability good workout! in Dance, and regain a youthful vitality, it seems a lot younger, feel good! During the dance, hear the music playing, it will not only forbidden love dancing (Figure 3 at Somerville-YMCA), our instructor always taking nice teaching during previous three years, we are all like her very much! She said: Zumba makes me work out my body, as well as my brain! It is very fun to choreography fun and exciting new dances for my class. I like to have the students be able to dance in many styles, Bollywood, Hip Hop, Salsa, Merengue,Bachata and much more! Every student is open to learning new things, and enjoys Zumba as an alternative to slow, boring workouts like the treadmill. We are always smiling and sweating!
Currently there are different types of Zumba is suitable for beginners, adults and the elderly, it is a number of television Pat (eg CNN) and magazines (such as Time Magazine), newspapers (such as the New York Post), etc. The recommendations and reports, clicked the “top of the world sport”, it is a high-quality aerobic exercise – fitness and smooth heart!


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