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Castro-Ramos and Juvenile Arrest

On April 28, 2014, at 11:31 A.M., I was called to the nurse’s office by Vice Principal for a student who was being treated after an assault in a stairwell.

I arrived and spoke to the victim. The left side of his head was swollen and red, including his cheek, the area around his eye, his ear and the area within his hairline.

Victim stated to me that he was walking in the third floor hallway to go to his class. The time was just after eleven and the student body was filing to class between period three and four. He stated he noticed Salvador Castro Ramos following him in the hallway.

Victim states when he reached the stairwell, Salvador Castro Ramos shoved him; between the third and fourth floor. He stated the juvenile was with him and both men began beating him with their fists in the stairwell.

Victim states both young men, one 18 and the other 16, beat him until he went down to the floor and then they kicked him.

Victim states the juvenile stomped on the left side of his face while wearing a sneaker. School nurse, commented the most serious injury to the victim’s face is in the shape of a sneaker sole.

The victim’s father came to the school to transport his son to the Somerville Hospital Emergency Room.

I asked the victim why the men jumped him in the stairwell. He stated he was in a fight with a another boy named on Friday, April 25th. He pointed out a bite mark on his neck from that fight. He believes he was jumped by two men as retaliation for the fight three days prior.

Father of the victim left with his son. I then went looking for the two men identified by name. It appeared that juvenile fled the building. Mr. Castro Ramos did not appear at his next class but did show up in the cafeteria. I placed him into custody for ABDW, to wit: Shod foot. An arrest warrant will be sought for the juvenile.

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