Real Life Somerville Police Stories

brahmananda arrest

On the above date and time, while
assigned to the traffic unit, I was conducting traffic enforcement on Broadway near Bay State Ave, public ways in the City of Somerville. I observed a Gray Audi, pass by my location with an inspection sticker that was expired from August of 2013. I entered the roadway and proceeded to follow the vehicle. I asked the operator if his license was expired and he stated yes, but he was on his way to take care of it. I then advised the operator and I stopped him because the inspection sticker on his vehicle was expired from August of 2013. I then asked the defendant for his license and registration, which he than produced.

The defendant’s license listed the expiration date as January 8, 2014, I then advised the defendant that he shouldn’t be driving after his license expired, the defendant stated that he had to go to the registry to renew his license, but he had to take care of parking tickets first. The defendant than asked if he could leave, I advised the defendant that he could not drive until he had a valid driver’s license. The defendant’s license information came back that his right to operate was suspended and non-renewable.. I then approached the vehicle and advised the defendant that his license was suspended.The defendant was then placed under arrest.

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