Real Life Somerville Police Stories

Doherty arrest

On 12/16/13 at approximately 18:08. Police responded to Park St. and Somerville Ave. for a report of a man acting out of control.

Upon police arrival police identified Christopher Doherty, (DOB 05/31/1977) who was yelling and flailing his arms in a animated manner. Doherty would not comply with Officers commands and continued yelling in an incoherent manner and swinging his arms. He was then placed into handcuffs. Officer Soares stated he observed Doherty walking across Park St. when he initially arrived on the scene.

Doherty was talking erratically and incoherently. An odor of an alcoholic beverage on his breath. Doherty made multiple unsolicited statements including that he had been drinking at a Chinese restaurant in Somerville, that the U-Haul truck he rented was stolen while he was there and that he was just trying to go next door to Howard Johnsons.

A WITNESS TOLD POLICE THAT I Doherty came into the China Delight restaurant and was making obnoxious statements to both employees and patrons. Doherty began making rude comments and then he then left the restaurant and went next door to Rite Aid. Doherty was also observed in the middle of Park St. yelling and screaming.

Doherty was placed under arrest for disorderly conduct (c272 s53). He was transported to the station by Unit 200 and booked in the proper manner by Lt. Vivolo.

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