Reality Bites a ‘Villen by James A. Norton

East bound and down, loaded up and truckin’

Over the years, I have called my columns and related websites various names, mostly to my own amusement. Sometimes the humor and/or the
dripping irony was lost on people, other times it was Dead On Balls accurate (although not as often as I would have hoped). That’s the chance you take.

I guess it’s like anything else in life you take a chance on. You pick your poison and when you decide to drink it, you can either sip it and see what happens or choose to not be a pussy – figuratively toss it back and hope for the best.

It’s called conviction. It’s called having a spine. Some have it, others not so much.

When I was like 12-14 years old, I was called “aloof” and “pedantic” by some friends of my parents (and even a teacher). What kind of a raging asshole would say that about a kid anyways? Feeling a little inferior much? The funny thing is, I would like to say for the record that they were wrong, but I honestly can’t.

Fact is, I got immense pleasure from the irony that those ass-clowns probably needed to grab a Webster’s Third in order to formulate a sentence using either word, nevermind knowing what they actually meant. This goes to speak about something I mentioned a previous column – about people posing to be one thing, but are clearly yet another.

It’s okay to be smart as much as it is okay to be dumb, or in between – just don’t hold yourself out to be something you are clearly not. Don’t try to give advice about life and love when you’re 19 years old and you’ve been in less than one actual relationship. Don’t hold yourself out to be the end all be all parent of the decade when you clearly are not concerned for your child’s well being. And for God’s sake don’t dispense advice about how to make it in the world in 2014 when you’re 45 years old and still living in your mom’s basement.

The sad thing is, that most people move along in this world basing life decisions for themselves, their children and those around them on preconceived notions and assumptions rooted in the abstract. Why?
What causes that part of our brains to malfunction so dramatically? My personal opinion is that people need to learn some humility. Learn to be humble. Try to wrap your mind around the concept that even if you do know just about everything there is to know, that in actuality, you know practically nothing.

I am just one person on this big blue marble called Earth. I like to share my life and my stories with others. I like to make people laugh, I love to make them think and I truly enjoy spending time getting to know my fellow man/woman on a personal level. I always have, and I always will.

So go out there, drink your drink, say “Goodnight, I’ve had a very lovely evening,” go home…and well, if you know the quote, then you know what’s next. #FOH #GMK

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