Lead Abatement Program available for eligible Somerville homeowners and tenants; City will de-lead homes for free.

SOMERVILLE – Mayor Joseph A. Curtatone
and the City of Somerville’s Lead Program Manager Daniel Hauck announce free de-leading for 120 Somerville housing units. Made possible by a $2.1 million continuation grant from the Office of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), the program includes de-leading services which frequently include new windows and doors.

“This is a tremendous opportunity for residents to easily and efficiently ensure the safety of their homes,” Hauck said. “Not only will this benefit families with children six and under who live there or visit regularly by safely removing harmful toxins, but program participants are also eligible for window and door replacement related to lead abatement, which will ultimately provide better insulation and reduced home heating costs.”

With 94% of its housing stock built before 1978, Somerville is currently ranked the 11th most at-risk community in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for risk of childhood lead poisoning. All homes built before 1978 may be at risk of containing lead, and homeowners and residents are encouraged to call the Lead Hazard Abatement Program for information on lead testing.

It is estimated that the funds will help protect almost 5,000 children from the dangers of lead paint over the next two decades. On top of a $1,500 per unit tax credit, the Lead Hazard Abatement Program offers 0% interest grants to income eligible homeowners and investor owners in the City of Somerville to make their properties lead-safe. Tenant relocation costs including hotel, food, and kennel services will also be reimbursed by the City.

The Lead Hazard Abatement Program is designed to provide an incentive for property owners to comply with lead laws, create safe living environments for families with children and maintain affordable rental units. For those residents who do not have children six and under who live there or visit regularly but are income eligible, the Housing Division also offers 0% interest loans through the Rehabilitation Program.

For more information please contact Daniel Hauck at (617) 625-6600 ext. 2587 or Vicki Wairi at (617) 625-6600 x 2588.

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