Crossing Bow Street Could Get Nasty

By William Tauro

Many have been complaining to us that crossing Bow Street in Somerville at Wesley Pk isnt easy nor a safe task.

So we’ve decided to go on out on location and check it out for ourselves.

After scoping out the area, we’ve noticed that the potential for something real bad to go wrong is definitely there mainly because traffic coming from Union Square towards Somerville Avenue on Bow Street can’t see a pedestrian in the crosswalk.

It’s a blind reverse left angle bend in the road that makes it very difficult for drivers to see pedestrians crossing the street in the crosswalk or even motorist trying to get in or out of their parked vehicles.

Many near misses have taken place there everyday when car meets driver almost happens very frequently.

One suggestion to fix the problem would be to eliminate the two parking meter spots that’s located directly in front of the Casa De Carnes Latino Brazilian Meat Market on Bow Street.

Two less parking spots is far much better than a potential fatal pedestrian accident.

If you see an unsafe situation or any potential saftey hazard that raises public safety concerns, please email us at or call us at 1(888)625-2706 and we will scope it out and publicize it for you!


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